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Every woman has their own health needs. Our experienced providers at MI Express Primary Care in Canton & Ann Arbor, MI, are committed to providing the highest quality of women’s health services.

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Womens Health What Services We Offer

Women's Health: What Services We Offer

  • Breast Exam

    Our women’s health specialists will examine your breasts during any routine check-up. We will look for any changes in shape, size, or redness of the skin. This is done to help diagnose and screen for any breast diseases at an early stage of their development.

  • Pelvic Exam

    Our healthcare specialists will conduct the pelvic exam, which usually lasts only a few minutes. The doctors will check your reproductive organs, such as the cervix and pelvis, for any form of abnormalities or diseases.

  • Pap Smears

    A Pap smear is a screening procedure used to check for cervical cancer. A speculum will be inserted into your vagina to gently scrape your cervix to obtain sample cells by our healthcare provider. These sample cells are submitted to a laboratory for analysis to look for aberrant cervical cells. Based on your test findings, we may recommend more screenings or refer you to another specialist.

  • Contraceptive Counseling

    We will provide contraceptive recommendations depending on your health history, menstrual cycle, breastfeeding status, and lifestyle.

  • STI Screenings

    It's critical to get tested frequently if you are sexually active. We offer screenings and testing for syphilis, HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and more.

Wellness Check and Women’s Health

Wellness Check and Women's Health

A complete wellness check is important when it comes to monitoring and maintaining your overall health. With a proper wellness check, many diseases can be diagnosed and prevented in their earlier stages. Your wellness check will focus on the following aspects:

  • Health History Review

    We will review your medical history, lifestyle behaviors, vaccination history, family’s medical history, sexual activity, menstrual cycle, and latest medications.

  • Physical Exam

    We will measure your blood pressure, body temperature, weight, cholesterol levels, heart rate, and respiratory rate to ensure they are functioning normally.

    We will recommend further advanced screening depending on your test results and any possible risk factors.

Women's Health Why Choose MI Express Primary Care

Women's Health: Why Choose MI Express Primary Care

At MI Express Primary Care, we understand that women have their own health needs. Our board-certified doctor will deliver a range of personalized services that focuses on those needs to help all patients stay in the best health.

  • We provide various women's health services in whichever phase of life you are in.
  • Our skilled and empathic team strives to build a long-lasting relationship to provide comprehensive care in every stage of your life.
  • We provide a patient-centric and holistic approach to help you maintain your health.

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Dr. Umayr Azimi

Medical Director of MI Express Care

About Dr. Umayr Azimi

Umayr Azimi, MD is an internist with medical expertise in acute care/hospital medicine, urgent care/occupational medicine, ambulatory/primary care medicine, and obesity medicine. He is double-board certified in Internal Medicine as well as Obesity Medicine by the American Board of Internal Medicine, and the American Board of Obesity Medicine.

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Get Advanced Women's Health Treatments at MI Express Primary Care in Canton & Ann Arbor, MI

At MI Express Primary Care, we compassionately and thoroughly address women's unique health needs in Canton and Ann Arbor, MI. Our skilled team offers several women's health services, from routine screenings to specialized care. Book your appointment today and experience why we are the preferred choice for women's healthcare in our communities.

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