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Specialized medical care for employees with comprehensive and customizable occupational medicine at MI Express Urgent Care.

Ensure the Good Health and Safety of Your Employees with the Expertise of Our Occupational Medicine Specialists in Canton, MI

Ensure the Good Health and Safety of Your Employees with the Expertise of Our Occupational Medicine Specialists in Canton, MI

Occupational medicine focuses on maintaining the health, safety, and productivity of workers at the workplace. Physicians who specialize in occupational medicine are best equipped to diagnose and treat work-related injuries and illnesses. Besides providing quality treatment to the workers, they also educate them on ways that help them avoid injuries and illnesses in the future.

Our experienced occupational medicine specialists at MI Express Urgent Care in Canton, MI, are trained to offer the highest standards of healthcare for a wide range of workplace-related injuries and illnesses that may result from physical, chemical, biological, or psychological factors present at the workplace. We can also work directly with employers allowing their employees easy access to our services.

NOTE: Longitudinal health is also supported through primary care that is accessible to both employees and their families. Visit our primary care page for more information.

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How Should You Prepare for an Occupational Medicine Assessment?

How Should You Prepare for an Occupational Medicine Assessment?

The scope of occupational medicine extends beyond the treatment of injuries and illnesses of workers. It also includes other aspects like:

  • Pre-employment physicals

    These include a variety of tests that evaluate your overall health profile to assess medical fitness for any job requirements. May also include vaccinations, x-rays, and spirometry testing.

  • Health screening tests

    Including tests that are used to screen specific medical conditions and for drug screening.

Preparing for pre-employment physicals and health screenings depends on the type of tests that you may need to undergo. For certain blood and urine tests, you may be asked to avoid eating for a period of time before the assessment. This will usually be between 8-12 hours. Please ensure you are aware of these requirements by reaching out to the clinic. You must also carry relevant documents that you may be asked to submit during the assessment. They can include:

  • Your referral from your employer or the HR department
  • Your proof of ID
  • Medical records of past illnesses and surgeries
  • Your current treatment details, if you have a follow-up schedule with your primary care physician or any specialists that you see
  • List of allergies
  • List of current medications
What to Expect from Occupational Medicine?

What to Expect from Occupational Medicine?

The occupational medicine specialists at MI Express Urgent Care assess and evaluate the risks and hazards to which your workers are exposed to. Based on our findings, we make recommendations for your business with appropriate tools to ensure a safe and healthy workplace that, in turn, leads to enhanced productivity. Our specialized services include a wide array of tests and treatments, such as:

  • Regular health check-ups for employees
  • Medical care for injuries in workplace accidents
  • Pre-employment fitness assessment, especially for workers being recruited to perform strenuous activities at work
  • Screenings for drug and alcohol abuse
  • Regular counseling for overall physical and mental assessment
  • Imaging tests such as X-ray, MRI
  • Lab tests
  • Cardio and respiratory exams for heart and lung condition assessment
What Makes MI Express Primary Care the Trusted Partner for Businesses?

What Makes MI Express Urgent Care the Trusted Partner for Businesses?

The staff at MI Express Urgent Care is committed to providing excellent and comprehensive healthcare services for all of your employees’ needs, from medical emergencies to screenings and tests. Also, our input on improving the workplace environment guarantees a positive impact on your business due to a safer and happier workforce. The features mentioned below add to your healthcare-related experience with us. They are:

  • Easy access & convenient location
  • Experienced and board-certified physicians and providers
  • Friendly and supportive staff
  • Same-day appointments
  • Walk-ins for unplanned urgent medical care
  • Extended Hours
  • Affordable, transparent, prompt, and quality medical care
  • Help with paperwork for workers’ compensation benefits
  • In-house labs and diagnostic facilities

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If you are looking for occupational medicine services near you in Canton, MI, that offer high-quality and all-inclusive services for your workers’ overall health and safety, contact us at MI Express Care today.

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