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Diabetes affects around 34.2 million Americans, i.e., 10.5% of the US population, and this number is increasing every year. Our team is experienced in helping adult patients manage and control hyperglycemia and diabetes-related consultations.

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About Our Diabetes Management Service

About Our Diabetes Management Service

MI Express Care has a specialized team to assist patients who are pre-diabetic or currently have Type 2 diabetes through our personalized treatment programs. With Type 2 Diabetes, your body cannot utilize insulin correctly. Over time, your body's ability to create enough insulin to operate properly deteriorates, causing glucose to accumulate in the blood and damage your organs.

  • Our knowledgeable staff at MI Express Care for diabetes management can create customized diabetic diets for patients to help them manage diabetes symptoms.

  • We also help our patients access the latest information, technology, and therapies.
  • Our dedicated team assists patients through medical counseling, including diabetes self-management tips and dietary advice.
  • Our diabetes specialists collaborate closely with our primary care doctors to adapt the care plan to your specific medical requirements.
  • We prevent diabetic complications by monitoring blood glucose, blood pressure, LDL, eyesight, and kidney function.
  • We also provide psychotherapy services to help you deal with the social and emotional challenges of living with diabetes:
    • Behavioral or emotional issues that make adhering to diabetes treatment difficult.
    • Lifestyle changes for weight management
    • Stress management
    • Mood or anxiety concerns

If you are suffering from diabetes symptoms, visit us at MI Express Primary Care. Our team consists of some of the most experienced specialists in Canton & Ann Arbor, MI. We can review your condition and develop a customized diabetes or pre-diabetes management plan for you.

Why choose MI Express Primary Care for Diabetes Management?

Why choose MI Express Primary Care for Diabetes Management?

When you choose MI Express Care, you will get the following benefits:

  • Comprehensive evaluation:

    We develop the most comprehensive treatment plans for our patients by looking at their current symptoms, lifestyle habits, family history, and prescribed medications.

  • Complication Screening:

    We try to reduce diabetic complications with frequent check-ups and screenings. We also treat several diabetes-related complications, including weight loss, nerve damage, and infection in the foot are some of the complications we treat. We provide the latest surgical and non-surgical treatment options to tackle most diabetes-related complications successfully.

  • Recognized Support and Counselling:

    Our diabetes management team offers exceptional self-management tips to help patients control the disease. We assist our patients in maintaining a healthy weight and improving their food and lifestyle habits to manage their condition.

If you are searching for a renowned diabetes management clinic or diabetes doctor near you in Canton & Ann Arbor, MI, contact us today by scheduling an appointment on our website or by calling our Canton office at 734-339-2661 and Ann Arbor office at 734-212-8443.

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Dr. Umayr Azimi

Medical Director of MI Express Care

About Dr. Umayr Azimi

Umayr Azimi, MD is an internist with medical expertise in acute care/hospital medicine, urgent care/occupational medicine, ambulatory/primary care medicine, and obesity medicine. He is double-board certified in Internal Medicine as well as Obesity Medicine by the American Board of Internal Medicine, and the American Board of Obesity Medicine.

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Get Personalized Diabetes Management at MI Express Primary Care in Canton & Ann Arbor, MI

At MI Express Primary Care, your well-being is our priority. Our healthcare professionals in Canton and Ann Arbor specialize in a personalized approach to diabetes management, ensuring you receive care tailored to your unique needs. Book your visit now and see why we are the trusted provider of effective diabetes solutions in both locations.

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