Staying healthy during the changing weather

Weather is going to change soon, it results in different medical issues and allergies. Change of any weather is a consistent process, so is the facing illness and diseases along with it. A minor change in weather may cause a lot of infections and illness. Our body cannot accommodate immediately with the sudden rise and fall of temperature. Our body requires time to acclimate to weather changes and causes diseases to show resistance. Viral infections, cough, skin problems are common indications of weather changes.

Effects on the body:

Weather transition is not directly liable for illness. It actually provides a favorable environment for the virus to grow and spread. Changing weather affects our body in many ways. These are;

Blood pressure:

Change in weather pressure can also cause a change in blood pressure. Cold weather can lead to high blood pressure due to the narrowing of blood vessels.


Extreme weather shift and pressure can cause migraines. Especially headaches may spike in cold temperature due to contraction of blood vessels in the brain.

Heart attacks:

During cold weather, blood flow slows down because of the narrowing of vessels. Thus the risk of heart attack is increased.

Sex of conceiving baby:

The Seasons can have an impact on the composition of a baby. A Couple has more chances to conceive a boy in autumn and girl in spring.

Skin problems:

The skin irritation and dryness are most common during the season’s rhythm.  Nails and hairs get weak in such season.

Respiratory problems:

Too warm and too cold weather makes the breathing hard and painful. Also, asthma is more common during weather variation.

Emotional health:

Climate fluctuation can also affect emotional health. Also suicides rate increases in summer.

Tips to stay healthy:

A healthy lifestyle can help to handle quick changes without getting affected. Here are some tips that can help to stay healthy and away from illness:

Stay hydrated:

Body efficiency depends on water intake. Water helps to absorb nutrients and flush toxins from the body. On daily basis, at least 8-10 glasses of water are recommended.

Hand washing:

Relating to water wash your hands as much as possible. It is necessary to wash away the germs before they approach the nose and mouth. Especially during weather turnout germs can lead to the cold.


The importance of a healthy diet cannot be highlighted enough. Eat such foods that are rich in anti-oxidants and vitamin C. Eating fruits, vegetables, seeds and, green leafy vegetables can boost the immune and health.


Sleeping for 8 hours a day boosts immune system and recharges the body. Good night sleep is essential for both physical and mental activities. Make sure to follow proper sleep patterns to get stamina for changing weather. canton urgent care


Nothing can keep healthy and strong like exercise can.  Every day get about 30 minutes of exercise. Exercise can;

  • Improve circulation
  • Remove toxins
  • Reduce stress


It is essential to change wardrobe gradually according to the weather. An inappropriate dressing could be a cause of being ill during changing weather. It is best to add or subtract layers and do not let the immune to get affected.

Breathe pure air:

Seasonal changes increase the number of particles in air and lead to allergic reactions. Installing an HVAC system (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) can help to avoid respiratory problems by reducing dust particles.


The following several precautions can protect from getting ill during changing weather;

  • Avoid junk foods
  • Keep out mosquitoes
  • Avoid inactive lifestyle
  • Avoid contact with allergens

The changing seasons are the beauty of life and human body can adapt these changes. Following these tips and precautions can help to sail through changing weather without getting ill.

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