Shoulder Pain: Causes and the Treatment

Shoulder Pain is third in the reasons-list for medical treatments after neck and back pain. It may be because of some accident, fall or sports activity, due to hard work like axing woods or painting walls.

What type of injury it is, there may be some possible situations like,

  • Check whether pain is Joint or muscles pain?
  • Check whether you feel pain when you move the shoulder
  • You can do daily activities with slight or severe pain?
  • Pain is at one spot or the whole arm is in pain?
  • Rotator Cuff Injury it is?
  • Shoulder got frozen?
  • May be its arthritis?
  • Shoulder is swollen?

Some injuries affect the internal part of shoulder, which result in severe pain. If you fall or face some accident, she should probably check for the doctor to check for any possible damage. As fall may result in tear the muscles, shoulder ligaments and tendons. Most common reason of the pain is impingement, when rotator cuff muscles get weaken and unable to support the humerus ball tightly when arm is bend or lift your arm. It may cause tendons’ swelling and inflammation.

If you are facing other problems, like chest congestion, breathing problems or feeling chest tight, in this case, you need to Rush ER ASAP without looking for urgent care canton mi. As, it may be the signs of some cardiac disorders.


If the pain is because of some hard-physical activity, sports or workout activity, you need not to worry because rest and ice is the universal way to treat your shoulder in natural way. Ice is good to reduce inflammation. In severe injury, doctor may suggest some medicines like Tylenol, nonsteroidal, anti-inflammatory medicines like ibrofen and other pain killer may relive the pain. MI Express Care Canton Urgent Care is best known for shoulder and neck pain treatments.

You can also apply heat cloth or some other stuff pack, electric hot pack and shower with hot water for 10 minutes will ease the pain. The heat should be of medium range and not intense, as body respond to medium heat better. Stretches also help the shoulder to relive from pain. You can also old school remedy of salt bathe with warm water.

In case of injury, fractured bones, muscles damage, you should consult the specialist doctor ASAP without waiting for a moment.

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