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How Weather Affects Allergies: Causes, Diagnosis & Precautions

How Weather Affects Allergies? Causes, Diagnosis & Precautions

Weather directly affect the length and severity of allergy season and it like a common allergy spark. Weather can affect allergies in different form. It depends on what you are allergic to. The few triggers are;

Cold air:

Cold air can cause problem for many people with allergic asthma. It can also trigger coughing, especially when exercising outside.

Windy days:

If you have pollen allergies then try to stay indoors and shut windows during windy ways. Because the air blows the pollen and can worsen the allergy.


Hot summer days can also increase the severity of allergy. Smog can also be a trigger for people with allergic asthma. You can visit MI Express Care Urgent Care Canton MI for allergy treatment.

Humid days:

Dust mites thrive in rainy and humid days. If you are allergic to pollen, then such days are good for you. Because rain and humidity can reduces and weighs down the pollen.

Seasons can affect allergies:

The change of season can also badly affect allergies.


In early summer pollen can be a trigger of allergies.  Weeds can be a problem in later summer.


In summer you spend more time indoors. Pet dander and dust mites can be problem for indoor allergens.


Mold become worst in fall and hence trigger allergy.


During February and March plants start to release pollen which is common cause of allergy.

What you can do:


Do not guess the cause of allergy. See doctor to exactly diagnose the cause of allergy. And after diagnosis the doctor can recommend allergy shots or tablets for treatment. This help to control the allergy no matter what the season or weather is.

Home environment:

It is a fact that you cannot change the outside environment.  But you can control some conditions inside house. You can a use a humidifier to fight dust mites and mold growth and air conditioning to filter out pollen.

Attention to weather:

Observe the weather conditions and spend less time outside when you can get problem from weather or season.

Be ready:

If you get the same allergy every year at same time .Then ask your doctor if you can start taking medicines for allergy 2 weeks before. This can help to stop the allergies before they start.

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