How to Stay Healthy All Year Long

It is common in majority of the people to forget about the new year’s self-made-health promises within two weeks. The most possible reason would be the vague or unattainable to sustain on daily basis. As motivation are high at the end of the year, so it is an ideal time for new and refreshed and revised health related targets. Keep the target specific and realistic goals which may be sustainable in long run. For example, don’t set a target like I will shed 10 Kg in a month, but you can set it as I will add vegetables and fruits in my diet and will cut down processed food and sodas. Americans are facing risks of obesity and diabetes because of busy lifestyle and many other things like excessive use of fast food. canton urgent care

Here are some tips which you may set as new year health resolution.

Exercise Daily.

Exercise not only help you to keep ideal weight but it also keep you active, fast and sharp. It makes the body burn the extra calories which ignited the body and organs to function fast. Also, it increases the heartbeat which get the oxygen and blood pump across the body, making the body energized. Fruits and its natural juices are also useful for good health. It also eliminates the stress level. Increasing heartbeat for some time make the heart healthy and reduce the risks of cardiac diseases. urgent care canton mi

Sleep Well.

Modern lifestyle has brought many problems along with comforts. People find it difficult to manage the busy schedule facet of the daily life. Medically prescribed minimum sleep duration for a 24 hours’ time is 7-8 hours but over third quarter of people fail to achieve this target on daily basis. Sleep make the body to rebuild and repair itself, strengthen immune system, manage the stress, energize and refresh the body for new day. Body fight the invaded infections and germs well while you sleep.


Lots of American eat processed food items like pizza, fries, bread and burger in their meal. These items are not bad if you use it in moderate way, but it shouldn’t be a part of every meal. Fresh fruits, vegetables are the main source of vitamins, fiber and other minerals and nutrients which the body on daily basis to function well. You should add dark colored fruits and vegetables to your diet. Experts suggest adding vegetables and fruits as a compulsory item of your dining table along with low fat dairy products, meat and whole-grain products. It will not only help your digestive system but also strengthen immune system.

Drink More Water.

Up to 60% human body is made of water. Water truly means life for human being. Keep the body hydrated to make the body parts function well and in smooth way. Recommended minimum amount of water to drink is 8 glasses/day throughout the year. Body needs it for carry on the nutrients to all body parts like kidneys, as kidneys uses water to flush out toxins and waste of the blood and body. It acts as a shock absorber for spinal cord and brain, specially the fetes.

Smoking & other bad things.

Smoking is the major factor of high risks of lungs cancer and lungs diseases related deaths. It is very unhealthy, especially for lungs, as it creates tar on lungs. It is also a major reason of cardiac diseases and BP. Likewise, excessive use of alcohol is also very unhealthy for human body, it not only dulls the senses but also lower the motivation and energy level.


Clean environment is an essential part of healthy life. Keeping your house indoor, office and your body clean will not only keep you happy and energetic but make you avoid different diseases and illness. Wash your hands regularly specially using restrooms, before cooking in the kitchen and travelling in the public transport. Keep the surfaces sanitized and clean in the winter to avoid flu and cold germs transmitted. In fact cleanliness help your body with strong immune system.

Mouth Cleaning.

Clean teeth feel you amazing and it increases not only your confidence level but also it keep your stomach healthy. When you eat something, small particles may remains within your teeth, which make problems when you do not clean your mouth. It is also recommended to visit dentist every six months, it will not only stop the teeth decay but also you will avoid gum diseases and check for possible signs of oral cancers etc. Gum disease may be a first phase in the line of cardiac disease and other heart related disorders.

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