Crypto & Other Dangers Around Swimming Pools

In summer visit to a swimming pool is common. Pools are common elements of hotels, resorts, and fitness centers. Despite of being fun spot they may be dangerous. Hundreds of people are injured every year in swimming pool. There are various dangers that the swimmer and owner of the pool must be aware of, to minimize the danger associated with this activity. Diarrhea outbreak has continuously increased every year by 13% with around 7500 cryptosporidium infections cases were recorded between 2009-2017. 444 cases have been reported so far, revealed in CDC a report, released last week. CDC also revealed 493 cases which were caused by some bacteria, chemical or parasites between 2000-2014. Eight deaths were recorded which were caused by bacteria and other microorganism & 6% were caused by chemical. canton urgent care canton mi

The most common dangers around swimming pool are given as under;


The most common danger in pool is drowning. One can drown in pool in very short time. The near-drowning casualty sometimes results in long-lasting injuries.  In order to minimize the risk of drowning you can do the following:

  • Arrange swimming lessons for people who use the pool.
  • Be aware of pool deepness.
  • Take care of children while they use the pool.
  • Keep saving equipment close to pool.


Various types of bacteria live in swimming pools and spread illness in swimmers. To avoid the diseases caused by bacteria

  • Keep filtered water in pool.
  • Keep chemically treated water.
  • Keep pets away from pool.
  • Avoid pool water to swallow.
  • Do not use pool if have an open wound or sick.

Food problems:

Food items near the pool are sources of contamination in pool water.  In order to avoid the problems that can be caused by combination of food and pool do the following;

  • Keep food out of the pool.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol in pool because alcohol can harm the ability to determine distance and affect physical coordination.
  • After consuming heavy meal do not swim for thirty minutes.

Chemical exposure:

The chemicals which are used to keep the pool clean may be toxic for some people. These chemicals can irritate skin, kills body’s natural beneficial bacteria, and cause digestive problems if water is swallowed. To avoid chemicals dangers;

  • Maintain the chemical treatment at suitable level.
  • Do not increase the chemical level to recoup the dirt.
  • Keep the chemical out of reach of children. Walk in Clinic


People who spend a lot of time at the swimming pools are at increased risk of skin cancer, sunburn, blisters, and golden tans. To avoid too much exposure to sun

  • Stay in shaded region while being outside the pool.
  • Us water-resistant sunscreen before using the pool.
  • Avoid staying in pool when the sun rays are strong (afternoon and late morning).
  • Wear swimming suit to limit sun exposure.

Electrical shock:

Water and chlorine both are good conductors of electric current. In unsafe electrical condition the swimming pools can be very dangerous. To avoid electrical shocks

  • During lightning storm stay outside the pool.
  • Do not keep undergrounded electrical components near the pool which are grills, stereos, and lawn equipment.

Inflatable dangers:

You must be aware of the dangers of inflatable pools. These pools can become unbalanced, blow away or collapse in severe weather. To avoid these risks;

  • Inspect the pool regularly.
  • Drain the pool daily to remove contamination.

Pool toys:

The pools toys such as basket ball and water guns offer a lot of fun but they can also add the dangers to swimmers or players. To avoid such problems;

  • Use designated toys for pools.
  • When toys are not in used store them away from pool.

The different dangers of pools can be prevented with common sense and proper precautions with a lot of enjoyment.

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