Top 10 Foods That Boost Your Body’s Natural Collagen Production

Collagen is the one of the most abundant proteins of mammals’ bodies, responsible for many biological functions like functional support for skin, connective tissues and muscles. Skin elasticity is also because of Collagen. Along with it, it play vital role in bone and joints health. Human bodies produce collagen naturally, but with age the production collagen is affected which result in wrinkles on human body.

1. Bone Broth.

This is word of mouth that bone broth is rich source of collagen. It is famous since old days that it has great healing power. Interestingly new research states that it may not be a reliable source of collagen. Collagen is believed to be extracted from animal bones while simmering it in the water. The extractions from the bones contain phosphorous, calcium, magnesium, glucosamine, chondroitin, collagen, amino acid and other nutrients.

2. Chicken.

Chicken is rich source of collagen and lot of collagen supplements are extracted from chickens. The popular meat has sufficient collagen. The presence of plenty of connective tissues makes the chicken a well-off source of collagen.

3. Fish

Shellfish and fish is another rich source of collagen, as it have lot of fibrous collagen based connective tissue and bones. There is lot of claims that marine collagen is the most easily absorbable collagen. The richest collagen parts of the fish like head, eyeballs or scales are usually not used by human, but skin of the fish is used in many research studies for collagen peptides.

4. White Part of Egg.

Egg is free of connective tissues but its white part have ample amount of proline which is the most important amino acid for the collagen creation.

5. Citrus Foods.

Citrus is rich source of vitamin C which play a vital role in pro-collagen production which is the body precursor to collagen. Grapes, oranges, lime and lemon are enriched with vitamin C, so they play active role in pro-collagen production.

6. Berries.

Like citrus food, berries are another rich source of vitamin C. Strawberries is more enriched with vitamin C than oranges. Raspberries, blue and blackberries also have plenty of vitamin C. Berries also have high amount of antioxidants which keep the skin fresh and protect it from damage.

7. Tropical Fruits.

Tropical fruits like kiwi, mangos, guava and pineapple are also vitamin C enriched. Guava also have tiny amount of zinc which is another factor in collagen production.

8. Garlic.

Garlic not only add flavor to the dishes but it also boost the collagen production. Garlic have high amount of sulfur a trace mineral, which facilitate synthesize and help in avoiding collagen breakdown. Note that you would use lot of garlic to have collagen benefits.

9. Beans.

Beans are protein enriched food item which contains lot of amino acid which is important for collagen synthesis. Along with it, beans are copper enriched which is another important nutrient for collagen production.

10. Tomato.

Tomato is highly enriched with vit C and a single tomato have up to 30% of important nutrient for collagen. Tomato is also have sufficient lycopene which is useful antioxidant for skin.

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