Things That Can Damage Your Liver

The liver plays a vital role in keeping the body functioning smooth. In fact, the liver performs more than 500 functions. Including blood cleansing and eliminating toxins from the body. As one of the largest organ of the body it carries out metabolic functions like conversion of diet into nutrients. You cannot live without healthy liver, so you need to keep your liver healthy.

The liver can be affected with many things that like to do. The food that we eat, what we drink, and many of our other habits can influence the liver health.

Things that can damage liver:

Some surprising things and habits that can harm liver are following.

Alcohol consumption:

Everyone’s body reacts differently to alcohol consumption and the reaction depends on already present inflammation level in the body. Excessive and prolong Alcohol consumption can damage liver cells and can cause swelling that lead to cirrhosis.


Too much sugar can damage liver. The liver use fructose (sugar) to make fat. Too much fructose causes fatty buildup which can lead to liver disease. urgent care walk in clinic

Cigarette smoking:

Inhaled smoke affects the liver and force the liver to detoxify the blood. Due to this harmful chemical is released in the body which leads to liver cancer.


Carrying extra weight causes buildup of fat in liver cells and can also harden the liver tissues. As a result it can make the liver swell. Diet and exercise can help to stop the disease.

Soft drinks:

According to research drinking a lot of soft drinks can lead to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Although there is no hard but according to researchers artificial sweeteners might be blame.


Rarely some antidepressants can harm the liver. Older people taking antidepressants are at high risk because their liver may be damaged. Talk to doctor to suggest the smallest dose you need.

Too much vitamin A from supplements:

It is good to get vitamin A from vegetables and fruits. The supplements that contain too much vitamin a can be toxic for lever.

Trans fats:

Trans fats are man-made fat in some backed and packaged foods.  A diet high in trans fat increase the chances of gaining weight and severe liver disease as well.

Drinking less water:

Dehydration affects the body & Liver. As it need to perform its functions. Less water may affect the health level and functional capacity of liver.


Eating heavy foods before going bed time pressurize liver. Eat healthy to keep yourself healthy. Eating carrots & beetroots are useful as it have high cleansing properties.

Herbal Supplements:

Herbal supplement may affect the liver function. It can cause hepatitis and liver failure in extreme cases. Even the supplements are labeled as “Natural”, it may harm liver in long run.


Regular checkups are important to avoid any type of serious complications.

Life Style:

Healthy life style is the key for healthy body and organs. Regular exercise, avoiding alcohol and smoking, drinking lot of water and healthy diet help you having healthy liver.

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