Stress & Memory Loss in Women & Some Tips of Improvement

Stress is one of rising issues nowadays. Busy lifestyle, lack of exercise, unhealthy diets, lack of social activities all land us to stressful situation at last. Stress & memory loss are linked. Stress hormones work in different ways across the genders. It play an unequal role in both genders while affecting brain health and relates to high rates of Alzheimer’s disease in women as compared to men. According to research, age can have impact on women’s stress responses. Moreover, stressful life can cause memory issues.

Especially in women stress can be associated to developing long-term memory problems. A research found that the effect of age on stress responses is 3 times greater in women compared to men. Also women have greater risk of developing Alzheimer’s. Stress responses in six women over age 60 will develop the disease, compared with one in 11 men, according to the Alzheimer’s association. Different research studies found that stress affect memories. urgent care canton mi

 Block formation of memories:

stress can impede the memories formation if occur during or prior to encoding. However, it is good that there was a short delay between memory formation and encoding> stress that occur after memory can surprisingly lead to memory making.

Increased Cortisol;

If the body produces more cortisol during stress response, this does not that it would certainly harm tour memory compared to someone who is less-harmonically responsive.


Also stress can lead to exhaustion which can cause work issues and memory problems in long run.

Improve memory:

When you are stressed you can do several things to improve your memory. one of the most important to face stress is self-care. the strategies are;

Breathing exercises:

When you feel stressed, focusing on breathing exercises and imagining yourself reaching the goals is really significant.

Get moving:

Aerobic exercises can help to improve the memory and it is shown by a study that a 12-week exercise improved memory of participants as compared to other type of exercises and people without any exercises.

Practice mindfulness:

People with stress issues often face sleep problems. Practicing mindfulness reduces stress and help to improve memory by facilitating quality sleep.

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