Small Steps for Better Health and Healthy Lifestyle

Every one of us dream about better health and healthy lifestyle like smoking free life, moderate wait, daily exercise and healthy diet plan. We always set such type of health goals which is little bit hard road to maintain for longer time. Once achieved, these goals help people to maintain a healthy lifestyle which prolong the life expectancy.

Here is short list of important points which help in maintaining better life style.

1.De-Stress yourself.

Stress is the main problem which leads to many health problems. Stress and anxieties are among fast growing health problems, it not only dishearten people to do anything, make them lazy, irritating and also increased the risk of heart diseases and blood pressure.
Important is to do what you like, listening your favorite songs, reading favorite book, outing with your beloved ones, sports, exercise and many other things help you relax.

2. Quit Smoking & Moderate the Alcohol.

Every one of us knows about the dangerous effects of smoking but lot of people never quit it. Quitting smoking brings lot of good things for health like healthy lungs, energy spike and increases your love for your healthy self. Quitting smoking surprisingly decrease the dangers of subarachnoid hemorrhage by 59% in five years. 10 years for male and 5 years for female, smokers have diabetes ratio more than non smokers.  Smokers have 2.2 times more risks to die because of lung cancer.

Also, keep alcohol consumption up to a moderate level, as it brings lot of health issues with the passage of time. urgent care canton mi

3. Vegetable and Fruit.

Vegetables and fruits are compulsory part of our health barometer, combination of different nutrients like magnesium, calcium, fiber and many other healthy nutrients. It not only keeps the body nutrients balanced but also facilitates the digestive system and normalize the bowel system.

4. Exercise.

CDC suggests 150 minutes physical activities a week for healthy lifestyle and reducing the risks of heart diseases, diabetes, stroke and metabolic syndrome. Exercise is not only a good mean of reducing stress level but it also decrease the risk of breast and colon cancer.

5. Weight.

Obesity is also among the rising concerns of health experts. In US the ratio is getting higher day by day. Obesity and overweight increases the dangerous of cardiac diseases, osteoarthritis, diabetes, several types of cancers, decreases the moral to start new tasks and accept life new challenges and many other issues. 10 minutes constant daily walk in start and then increasing it to hard physical activities like jogging, gym sessions, aerobic exercises with a healthy diet plan is road map to get rid of obesity.

6. Early to bed early to rise.

Early to bed, early to raise make the men healthy, we all hear this many times whenever people talk about healthy lifestyle. In today’s busy life people fail to get 7 or 8 hours of sleep. In long run, shortage of sleep can increases stroke risks beside healthy lifestyle, age or weight. Setting sleeping and raising habits will increase sleep quality and you will feel fresh all the day.

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