One Pill for All Your Heart Health Is On the Way

According to a research paper published in the journal of the American college of cardiology all-in-one pill to protect from heart diseases may be somewhere in faraway future. Around the world heart diseases the leading cause of death. Although there are a number of medications to cure heart diseases but they are not able to make the life threatening conditions like stroke and heart attack.

The idea of magic pill (PolyPill) has become very popular in recent YEARS. In a group of 3,400 people with the age ranging from 40 -75 during a period of 5 years The POLYPIL reduced the heart problems.

In the study the polypill contained cholesterol-lowering statin, aspirin and blood pressure drugs. In fact, a current study showed that approximately half of high-risk patients failed to stick to their heart medications.

As heart patients are not favorable at at sticking with the prescribed medications. However, experts believe that it can improve medication outcomes and adherence if it is easy for patients to take effective medicines the patients will adhere more to medication and treatment will effective. urgent care walk in clinic

The author admit that of course the idea of magic pill for preventing heart diseases is new and need further investigations. Experts believes that development of such pill has the power to advance the health care across the world.

American patients are not good in taking blood pressure or cholesterol drugs, even medical assessments recommend it and suggest that it would be better for the health.” Blonkstein stated. Yet, one pill with huge medicine may be not be so popular.

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