Diet & Exercise; This is All You Need for Healthy Life

Healthy life means to fit physically and also mentally. Actually, the balanced combination of both makes anyone’s life healthy. Mental and physical health are interconnected to each other, a slight change to one end, disturb the whole body system.  Some tips are given as under which may be helpful for healthy life.


Diet is the primary factor which is necessary for the body functions and growth. Requirements of body depend upon the age, for example children, babies, teens, young and old adults have different requirements. Babies require less in a time but they need food within short spin of time.

Healthy diet plan would be like that;

Eat 3 meals (Breakfast, lunch & dinner) in a single day.

Major part of the diet should be composed of vegetables and fruits.

Avoid red meat up to possible level; instead use lean meat, low fat meat like fish, chicken, beans & nuts etc.

Avoiding soda, sugar and excessive use of salt.

Eating balance dinner is also suggested for better digestion and avoiding gastroesophageal reflux.

Physical Activities & Life Routine.

Second primary factor in health lifestyle is physical activity or exercise. Daily physical activities not only lead you to maintain healthy weight but it also keeps you active mentally. Exercise is the main factor in controlling anxiety and stress. Along with it, work on your life style, sleep and wake up early, avoid smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, late night parties and junk foods.

For better results and regularity, you should start with 10-15 minutes short spins of exercise and increase it with the time.

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