Dark Spots on Legs: Causes, Home Remedies and Treatment

Dark spots on skin are common among people of all skin tones. These spots appear when that patch of the skin produce more melanin compared to the surrounding skin. You can have dark spots on your legs or any other part of the body.  Melanin gives color to the skin.  The darker skin means more melanin. Freckles and dark spots indicate the presence of more melanin.


Dark spots are usually harmless but some can be a sign of serious issue. The several things that can cause dark spots are

  • Sun is a common cause of dark spots. By producing more melanin skin reacts to sun light.
  • Diabetes prevents the body from using the insulin properly. So excessive amount of insulin develop in the bloodstream which leads to dark spots.
  • Melanoma_ a type of skin cancer which appears on the legs in females and on trunk or face in males. It can be formed from an existing mole.
  • Acne, psoriasis, eczema can cause inflammation and can also increase melanin.


Laser treatment:

On the basis of cause the doctor may recommend laser treatment. The effect of treatment depends on the cause and type of laser used. For darker skin it may not be a good option and only be operated by a qualified physician. One type of laser uses beams of light to remove the skin’s layers. The other type spot the dermis to promote skin tightening and collagen production.


The therapy in which, liquid nitrogen is used to damage the skin pigment cells. The spots start to lighten as the skin heals.

Bleaching creams:

The doctors can also prescribe bleaching creams that contain a skin lightening agent hydroquinone. The spots may fade gradually over a period of few months to a year.

Home remedies:

Aloe Vera:

Aloe era is effective for lightening the dark spots of the skin. Aloe Vera lotion and gels are good for sunburned and dry skin. You can use lotions or can directly apply the gel to skin to after opening the leaf of plant.


Sunscreens may not lighten the dark spots but they can help  to protect from getting darker.

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