What Makes Urgent Care Walk-In Clinics Popular in USA

Urgent Care are speedily growing side of healthcare industry with continuous huge spike in the number of operational urgent care clinics. Urgent Care offer medical services for non life threatening medical problems. Such types of medical facilities provide their services on walk-Ins with the facility of advance online appointments. Most of these clinic work on sole proprietorship basis without any beds, some have affiliations or on partnership basis. You can find urgent care in shopping plazas, shared offices somewhere. A great percentage of urgent care are located in separate building equipped with different medical facilities like in house labs and x-rays.

Research show that the number of urgent care is growing continuously with the passage of time and will be on peak in upcoming year.  Here are the pros and cons of urgent care clinics.

Short Wait Times & Economical.

Everyone of use wish to find convenient medical care on economical price. As ER are always packed with huge number of patients, so obviously, the wait time is longer and they are expensive too. Every patient needs quality medical services with less wait times and on reasonable price.  In urgent care you have to wait very less even it may be 10 to 20 minutes while in ER you have to wait may be for hours. Also, you have to pay less (between $ 100 -$150) as compare to ER which is very expensive.

Almost every urgent care accepts all types of insurance, another aspect which has vital role in the popularity of such clinics.

Quality Care.

Urgent care offer great medical services with number of experienced doctors and other medical care staff. Over 20,000 doctors are actively working in these clinics with a very good practice experience. It makes the urgent care more popular among the people. 95% of urgent care are with at least one medical provider. MI Express Care Canton Urgent Care have also experienced doctors and other medical staff to provide quality services to the patients.

Internal Space & Cleanliness.

Urgent Care Clinics not only reducing the burden of ER visits for non emergency medical issues, but also give people the option to avail medical care while paying less. Urgent care have great waiting space, with refreshment like organic coffee, tea & snack etc along with refreshment facilities for kids.

No Appointment Mandatory.

You can simply walk in urgent care without prior appointment. They follow the First Come, first serve rule. Not to forget that online appointment is good to get checked on time which suits you the best. Along with it, you should know that the wait time is short and it may be between 10-20 minutes.


Urgent care clinic offer their services throughout the week all over the year. 75% of these clinics start their services from 8:00 AM. Urgent care are sole destination for quick and quality non life threatening medical issues like flu, cold, cough, fever, cuts, burns and bruises, asthma, allergy, headache, throat infections, broken and fractured bones, x-ray and lab tests etc.

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