What is Sleep Disorder & Tips to Reset Your Broken Internal Sleep Clock

Sleep is essential for health. In today’s fast-moving world maintaining a regular sleeping routine has become a very challenging task. Low quality and quantity of sleep results in deprived healthy life and reduce productivity in personal and professional aspects of life.

At tight you have enough time to sleep and do not have work to do. However, at day time there are greater chances of disturbances and interruptions.

The internal clock that rotates between sleep and wakefulness throughout 24 hours is called circadian rhythm. This clock is located in a part of the brain called hypothalamus and responds to external indications. However, sometimes the internal clock is affected by;

  • Shift work
  • Traveling
  • All-nighters
  • Jet lag

Such problems can be avoided by fixing the sleep schedule. Not only 7-8 hours of daily sleep but also a fixed schedule to get sleep is essential. This helps to keep the body physically and mentally active. urgent care canton mi


Some natural tips can help to develop a sleeping schedule and have no side effects. Sleeping supplements are also used to fix a sleeping schedule but they cause some other problems to the body. walk in clinic


In order to fix a disturbed sleeping schedule just make sure to go to bed at the same time every day. Avoid changing the sleep times even during off days. Getting up at the same time is also important in fixing routine.

Appropriate light:

One of the best ways to fix sleep schedule is to arrange appropriate light in -melatonin. Darkness makes to feel drowsy. Before sleeping prepare yourself for sleeping by dimming or turning off the lights.

Practice relaxation:

Relaxation might help to sleep better. The stress makes a person feel awake. Stress and negative sleep effects can be overcome by;

  • Yoga
  • Medication
  • Deep breathing
  • Stretching

Skip naps:

Napping can disturb the sleeping routine and make it difficult to sleep at the right time at night. Napping before 3 pm is best to avoid sleep disturbance.

Reduce screen time:

Watching movies and using social apps before sleeping disturb the sleeping pattern. Screen staring can stretch the eye muscles and cause pain. Try to reduce the screen times gradually before sleeping.


A quiet sleeping environment is crucial for quality sleep. To remove loud noises white noise can help. White noise can be created by using;

  • Air condition
  • Fan
  • Humidifier
  • Air purifier

Daily exercise:

Aerobic exercise improves the melatonin production and the quality of sleep. It is best to exercise at least 1-2 hours before bedtime because exercise may over stimulate the body.

Eat early:

Eating habits can disturb sleeping patterns.  Meals that require a long time for digestion can make you stay awake. Eat dinner about three hours before sleeping. Moreover avoid coffee, tea, energy drinks.

Be comfortable and gradual:

Comfortable sleeping accessories are important for good sleep. Be patient because the changes can be gradual. Consistency is the key to changing the sleep routine.

Sleeping is crucial to perform well in every field of life. Depending upon the internal system the results might be different for every person. If you fail to achieve the desired results then consult a professional.

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