What are the Benefits of Exercise for Your Health?

The benefits of exercise extend beyond just physical health but it also supports emotional and mental health. Exercise is body activity that boosts physical fitness and overall health. Physical exercise can have instantaneous and long term health benefits. Regular physical activity improves the quality of life. Moreover exercise reduces the risk of several diseases like cancer, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. There are lots of benefits of exercise from boosting immunity to improving sex life. Here are some proven health benefits of exercise;

Good for heart:

The exercise improves blood circulation which raises the oxygen level in body. This lowers the risk of high cholesterol, artery diseases and heart attack. Additionally regular exercise bolsters heart muscles so it can pumps more excellently.

Useful for weight loss:

In fact inactivity is the major reason of obesity and weight gain. The effect of exercise on weight loss can be understood by understanding the relationship between exercise and energy consumption. Exercise increases the metabolism rate, which burn more calories and help in weight reduction.

Boost immune system:

In addition to weight reduction exercise also boosts immune system. It decreases the risk of getting stuck with common illness such as cold and flu. It also increases body response to insulin.

Muscles and bones strength:

Strong muscles provides establishment and improve coordination. Physical activity like weight lifting preserves bone mass and thus helps to protect against osteoporosis.  Exercise builds muscles and protects bones from injury. In fact exercise enhances blood supply to muscles and builds up bone density.

Brain and memory:

Like bone strength exercise also enhances the brain function and support thinking skills and memory. It stimulates hormones that increase the growth of brain cells. Exercise is the best way to prevent Alzheimer’s disease which is major reason of fear foe many Americans.

Skin health:

Moderate exercise enhances blood flow and delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the skin. Sweating allows the body to eject the waste through skin surface. This increase collagen ( protein found in skin) production which provides strength and elasticity to skin.

Blood pressure:

No matter what is your age, weight and gender exercise is good for blood pressure. It significantly lowers the risk of developing high blood pressure and help to lower the high blood pressure as well. However people with extremely high blood pressure should not rely only on exercise.


Type 2 diabetes can be controlled by exercise. Exercise reduces insulin requirement and help to work effectively. In fact it makes cells more receptive to the insulin effects.


Most importantly exercise is effective depression fighter. It helps to relieves stress and tension and boost mental energy as well. It improves neural growth and reduces inflammation in brain. It helps to release endorphins in brain and relax the muscles. When body feels better then mind will too because they are closely linked.

Prevent cancer:

About 35% of all cancer deaths may be linked to inactivity and overweight. Exercise accelerates the food passage through colon so significantly reducing the time that any toxins are in contact with body. In women it reduces the estrogen(hormone) level linked to breast cancer.

Better sex life:

Physical activity boosts energy levels and improves physical appearance, sexual pleasure and prevalence of sexual activity.  The endorphins produced as a result of exercise support the release of sex hormones. In men it also decreases the risk of erectile dysfunction. Reduced stress, boosted energy and increased blood flow are all results of physical activity and a combination for a good time in bedroom.

Better sleep:

Exercise improves the quality of sleep because it helps to tired body and mind as well. Regular exercise can help to fall asleep faster and get better and deepen sleep. Avoid late night exercise because it increases energy and contribute to sleeplessness.

Increase self-confidence & productivity:

Exercise makes you feel better about yourself and persuade you that look better. It efficiently improves the memory resources and productivity which leads to self-confidence.

Live longer:

According to a study exercise slows down the aging of cells. Obesity and inactivity led to short lifespan. Exercise has been shown to prolong the lifespan as much as 5 years.

Aim to do 30 minutes of exercise a day. In short exercise is the best way to feel happy, boost health and have fun.



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