Urgent Care Centers Are More Popular Than Ever, Study Says

According to recent date revealed by CDC, Urgent Care is $18 billion industry & currently, there are more than 8200 urgent care in United States. Ten years ago, Urgent Care were not that common across the States but in previous few years, Americans started flocking toward urgent care centers. Urgent Care Walk in Clinics are getting popular across the States with huge spike in the walk-in’s number along with increasing number of urgent care centers. According to the new study, among insured people walk in urgent care increased by 119% between 2008 & 2015, while ER visits declined by 36%. In previous 5-7 years, urgent care visits increased surprisingly because people prefer the convenient services which urgent care provide on very low prices as compare to ER. You can check MI Express Care Canton Urgent Care Price List of Different Urgent Care Services.

The study was based on Aetna insured American with age lower than 65. Aetna member’s (who participated in the study) visits to urgent care were near 20.6 million/year during the 8 years study period. People prefer to visit urgent care for non-life-threatening illness and diseases influenced by many things, one is convenience. In 2008 there were 47 visits/1000 Aetna member which spiked up to 103 in 2015. Retail clinics and telemedicine clinics are also getting popular with the passage of time, yet they are not so common among urgent care setups.

Clearly, popularity doesn’t mean that people are choices are getting changed for all type of medical issues like complex and serious life-threatening medical problems. Combine growth of urgent care centers was 31% and the healthcare expenses spiked with 14%.

There are three major factors which has influence the popularity, one is convenience, the second is low cost and the third is low wait times. In 2015, ER visit for normal medical issue charges were $422 as compare to $60 – $75 of urgent care bill and even less up to $37 at retail clinics, telemedicine is cheaper. People with good income prefer to avail urgent care because of fast and convenience care services. urgent care canton mi

ER still is best for treating serious medical problems and severe accidents. As urgent care centers are growing fast, need is to educate patients to know where should they go to get treatment for medical issue.


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