Know About the Best Urgent Care Walk-In Clinic Services in Canton MI

MI Express Care is one of the top urgent care in Canton MI, provides best possible urgent care medical services. With dedicated urgent care team of doctors and medical professionals we serve the canton community seven days a week throughout the year. MI Express Care Canton Urgent Care is first choice for urgent care services because it is the name of excellence in medical services in Canton MI. Our wide range of medical care services includes injuries and illness, fever, flu, cold, cough, congestion, sore throat, flu shots, X-rays and in-house lab services etc.

Here are few of our Urgent Care Services MI Express Care Canton Urgent Care Provides.

Self-pay Urgent Care Services.

MI Express Care also offer $100 self-pay value walk in clinic visits for those who have high deductibles and copay or don’t have insurance. It means you won’t get stressed with insurance letters and bills. The self-pay visit includes Medical Evaluations, abscess drainage, repairing wounds, physicals, breath treatments and injections, lab tests and almost every service availing facility.


Canton community know that MI Express Care Urgent Care Canton MI is convenient place for affordable and reliable all types of physicals like sports, camp or work physical without any appointments.  Before sending your kids for some adventurous camp, MI Express Care compassionate staff offers finest camp physicals in expedient manner and one on one quality care. We have great physical staff for work and sports physicals.

Pediatric Services.

Children are the fun of life of every family and the central point of joy and happiness to any parent. Only parent know the frustration and stress they feel when their child is sick. When it comes to children and their health, nothing is much important for every parent. Which is why MI Express Care keep the pediatric care services quick and of exceptional standards with the help of experienced pediatric urgent care team on our convenient location. We have TV, toys, games and snacks to get feel your kids ease and comfort. Also, we have In house Lab & X-Ray for quick process.

Injuries & Illness.

MI Express Care provides their patients with wide range of urgent medical care services throughout the week without any necessary appointment, services are flu, fever, cough, congestions, gastrointestinal symptoms like heartburn, nausea, back, shoulder, joint or neck pains, allergies, asthma, ear and other infections, bruises, broken bones and cuts etc.

Lab Services.

MI Express Care has in house lab, which offer a number of diagnostic services to ease and speed up the treatment process. Services includes Mono, Strep, different types of blood tests, pregnancy tests, vaginosis screening & urinalysis EKG etc.


X-Ray and report preparation may slow down the process of treatment. To avoid this, MI Express Care has in house x-ray services with a facility to get It examine by certified radiologist. If you just need an x-ray for pneumonia, cough or congestion evaluation, you should visit MI Express Care. If your doctor suggested you for x-ray, we can immediately provide you with x-ray with radiologist report.

Here is the list of MI Express Care Self-Pay Urgent Care Services.

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