Strep Throat: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Strep throat is common in children, not only in winter but also during the changing weather. You should know that viruses cause sore throat, while (group A) bacteria streptococcus causes strep throat. The nature of infection may be from a minor to the severe one, which’s symptom includes rheumatic fever, problems in kidney etc. It can easily be spread from the infected person to the near ones breathed in the polluted surroundings other.

Strep throat spreads;

  • Through sneezing or coughing, which other people inhale while breathing.
  • Touching infected surfaces & then touching nose, mouth or face.
  • Touching patient sores
  • Using glass or plate of sick person.
  • According to many medical experts, household items like kids toys are not the speedy source of spreading strep throat.


Strep throat is different type of infection than sore throat, it should be examined by a doctor to know whether it is strep throat or other type of infection.

Some of the symptoms are given as under;

  • Swelling with pain in throat and red tonsils.
  • Throat get red, swollen with internal yellow or red dots.
  • Low to high fever, depend upon the severity of infection
  • Severe headache and pain in the body.
  • Nausea & vomiting sensation because of fluid drop in the back of throat.
  • Loss of appetite
  • Rash
  • Head & stomachache

If you child has some or all of these symptoms, you should visit closest urgent care to consult with doctor.


Doctor will ask and also examine the symptoms and will suggest the tests, which is the accurate way to diagnose the strep throat.  Test may diagnose the infection in very short time after taking sample from the throat-back with the help of cotton swab. In case of positive report, doctor will prescribe antibiotics.

Another way is throat culture, in which swab is rubbed on the tonsils and throat for lab to examine whether streptococci will develop on it or not. It is a lengthy process and takes 2 days. canton urgent care


Treatment is done by antibiotics to wipe out the bacteria which caused the infection. Treatment are mainly given for 7-10 days, depends upon the severity of infection. Make sure the completion of antibiotic course, so that bacteria are wiped out completely.


  • Gargling with salted warm water on hourly basis in the peak of the infection, you can lower the number as the infection decreases.
  • Green tea (Sugarless) with lemon squeezed in it and honey.
  • Chicken, vegetables soup, broth etc.
  • Drink orange juice that sting
  • Rest

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