Some of Most Common Winter Illness & Diseases!

Winter bring lot of troubles along with cold weather. You must pay more attention to not only yourself but your family members specially the kids. There are list of illness and diseases associated with cold weather like flu, cold, sore throat etc.  Here is the list of some illness and diseases which you can avoid by changing the way you deal certain things in the winter to avoid possible visit to MI Express Canton Urgent Care

Winter common diseases and illness are given as under.


Cold is very common in winter and it is among the main reason people get sick of during winter. Common cold (mainly caused by rhinovirus) symptoms are stuffy or runny nose, coughing with watery eyes and achy or scratchy throat. Closes contacts with affected people, their infected mucus are the main causes of its spread. Cold last up-to week and it is one of the main causes of missed office and school in the winter. There is no dedicated and specific treatment or cure for it but doctors at urgent care prescribe over the counter medications, pain killers, some anti-biotics for possible infection may be prescribed by doctor. Also, home remedies like ginger green tea, soups, green tea and other things get you fast relief.


From October to march are critical months for flu season. Flu shot is primary step which act as a shield against flu for all people over the age of sex months. Airborne droplet spread the flu virus from affected person cough, sneezing or talking. It also spread when flu patients Touch seats, handles in public transport, door handles, daily use objects, things or coming in close contact with healthy person.

It spread very fast and last for longer than cold with high temperature, aches in the body, headache and fatigue, cough, stuffy or runny nose, watery or red eyes, sneezing etc. Nausea and vomiting may also hit the affected kids. Schools, offices are healthcare professionals are more vulnerable for flu as they have lot of affected people around them. Flu is treated with antiviral medicines prescribed by doctors mainly at urgent care centers which shorten the illness. Doctor in urgent care like MI Express Care urgent care canton mi may prescribe some other medicines for other infections (if any) to minimize the fatigue and unrest.


The Streptococcus pneumoniae bacteria cause this disease and it is found commonly in early spring and winter season, which bring lung infection (pneumonia), meningitis and bloodstream infection along with sinus and ear infections.

Symptoms vary according to the severity of infections and target organ of the infection. It causes high temperature, breathe shortness, pain in the chest, neck stiffing, ear and joint pains, irritation, sleeplessness and sensitivity to lights. It is very dangerous for kids under the age of 2 years and for over 65 years elders, it may cause them loss of hearing, damage of brain or other organ and even can cause death. Weak immune system, diabetes, Aids, respiratory infections, asthma and smoking increase the risk of Pneumococcal disease. Kids needs to get vaccinated after birth up to age 18 and elders with the age of 65 or more also need to get vaccinated. Visit the doctor in case of any symptom of this disease, as grabbing it in the start will minimize the severity and damage.


Cough is also among most common winter illness and diseases. Winter cough is mainly caused by viral or post viral infections. If cough is long lasting and last for more than 2,3 weeks, then you may possibly worried that it may have other dangers associated with it. Flu & cold can cause hacking cough that cause aching in your chest muscles. Most people take medicines previously prescribed for same type of cough, think eliminate the use of cough allergens. You can visit nearest urgent care to get checked by a doctor.


Sore throat is the among the common illness and diseases of the winter, happen when virus infect the throat. Sudden change in body temperature may also cause it, like moving out from warm indoor to outside icy weather. One quick remedy is to boil water, after it get warm, gargle with it, it will sooth the sore throat soon.

Group A Streptococcus bacterium also cause worst strep throat condition, so prevent yourself from getting ill by following clean and healthy lifestyle. Wash your hands regularly, avoid close contact with affected people, don’t drink from other people glass or cups etc.


RSV virus cause it & is common respiratory infection. Its symptoms are like cold in start and leads to severe illness with dehydration, wheezing and shortness of breath, it is common in kids of under age of 12 month. Nasal congestions, low temperature, cough and sneezing are the symptoms. RSV commonly causes bronchiolitis, but other viruses are also the causes.


Dry cold air is the main trigger for asthma and its symptoms for example shortness of breath and wheezing. Elder Asthma patients needs to be more careful in winter season. Staying indoor in icy winter days, when ever you need to get out, use warm hat and a scarf to cover your mouth and nose. Use daily medicines and keep your inhaler with you.

Ear Infection.

Ear infection result in severe ear blockage, pain or itching in the ear. Severe cold and excessive cold weather may lead to a severe infection in the ear. Sometime moisture also causes bacterial ear infections. Though majority of ear pain heal by itself, but some type of infections may result in severe pain and discomfort.

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