Some Interesting Tips to Improve Your Body Image

Humans have given importance to the beauty of human body throughout the history. Body image can be defined as how an individual picture himself in his mind and believe about his own appearance. Body image involves how you feel about your body and control as you move. Body image is not only what you see in as mirror. It involves how you feel and control your body. It also includes assumptions, memories, and generalizations.

Positive body image:

A person with a positive body image has clear understanding about their body and appearance. Such persons are happy and feel good and confident about their body.

Negative body image:

A negative body image emerge when a person feel ashamed, embarrassed and uncomfortable about their body.  It arises when people compare themselves sto others and feel that their look is not according to the expectations of the family, friends and society.

Negative body image come from:

A body image does not build in isolation. Society, family, friends give positive or negative comments about your bodies. People with negative body image worry that they cannot compete images promoted by media.

  • Family members and media can also affect a person’s body image. They encourage people to believe that there is an ideal body.
  • Advertisements may offer that all women should be slim and men should be tall with muscled body. This is not sensible because everyone is made differently.
  • Fashion industry sets unhealthy ideals for people

Tips for improving body image:


Avoid comparing yourself to others.  Your body differences from others make you special and unique.

Be positive:

Make effort to stay positive and avoid focusing on fault-finding thoughts about yourself.

Appreciate yourself:

Make positive goals that really benefit tour health rather than your shape and weight. Focus on your talent and achievements.

Avoid annoying media:

Be aware of unrealistic images and avoid TV programs that are image focused.

Mindful eating:

Eat and enjoy every bite of food. Try to avoid such foods that can disturb hormone level, energy and mood. Healthy eating is not about food deprivation.


People who have purposes in their lives can be successful to develop a positive body image. Because such people, do not think about other thoughts about them. They value themselves and just focus to achieve their goals.

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