Skipping Breakfast is Bad for Your Heart Health?

We all know that breakfast is the most beneficial food of the day but a research study by University of lowa confirmed it. Wei Bai an Epidemiologist (health professionals who are experts of investigating impacts of diseases and injuries on human bodies) at university of lowa wrote in the study that breakfast is good for heart health.

Previous studies were about the negative impacts of leaving breakfast on body like diabetes and high blood pressure but this study is the first ever which found that there is connection between leaving breakfast and heart disease.

The study firmly stated that

“People with 40-75 with no breakfast routines, have 87% higher risks of death from heart disease than people with regular breakfast routines.”

According to Wei Bao, breakfast gives a jump start the body and organizes the daily biological clock and it is the vital part of healthy lifestyle.

Majority of people needs to eat when they wake up. It is not healthy to eat breakfast regularly but also an instant energy booster for the body after sleeping for hours. This research study not only indicates it as an energy booster but also state the dramatic rise of the possibilities of death from heart disease. These research findings are backed by the health analysis of 6650 US citizens for 20 years. People without breakfast routines have three times higher risks of heart disease than the people with regular breakfast routine.

Also, the team pointed out many reasons why leaving breakfast routine is so harmful for the body. Most important, breakfast skipping leads to bad hunger which develops the overeating routine in long run which is the main cause of obesity. canton urgent care

Long morning fast causes the insulin sensitivity impairment which is a hormonal factor linked with diabetes and obesity. Lack of breakfast may also disturb interlinked hormonal processes which result in higher BP. Research team also revealed that skipping breakfast also results in worsening cholesterol.

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