Sinus Headaches – Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Sinuses are air filled spaces in the bones of the face including cheekbones, nose and forehead, which produce thin mucus that drains out of the nose through nose channels, healthy sinuses are filled with air. A sinus headache is caused by blockage of sinus drainage which produce mucus inside sinuses and this mucus become a good rearing place for bacteria and other germs. Sinus inflammation is caused by allergic reaction, a tumor, an infection which blocks the mucus drainage and cause a pain like headache.

Sinuses contribute to the stability of skull and its capability to resist trauma. Sinuses are often called paranasal sinuses because of position and connection to the nose back. You can get in  urgent care canton mi for immediate checkups.


Here are some of the symptoms of sinuses headache;

  • Pain in front of face.
  • Pain that gets worse with sudden movement or straining.
  • Stuffy and blocked nose.
  • Weakness
  • Fever
  • Watery eyes.
  • Constant cough

Allergy cause headache:

It is a misunderstanding that allergy cause headaches, allergies can only block the sinuses which cause headache.  The headache caused by any allergy shows symptoms such as red eyes, sneezing and an itchy mouth. If you have allergy then allergy treatment can not cure the headache. The two conditions must be treated individually.

Migraine or sinusitis:

According to studied 90% of people who see a doctor have migraines. Migraine is often misjudged for sinus headache. The signs of migraine and headache from sinusitis may overlap so they can be easily confused. Both get worse with sudden movement and bending.  They have some common symptoms which are;

  • Pressure in forehead and face.
  • Pain that get worse when moving head.
  • Stuffy nose.


Treatments are different for both so correct diagnosis is important. If a person feels the symptoms of sinusitis such as pain and pressure in the face, this is possibly a sinus headache. However if headache terminate for more than a week and is not cured by antibiotics then it may be migraine. A person having migraine experience some symptoms that do not appear with sinusitis are;

  • Sensitivity to light.
  • Nausea
  • Pulsing headache.


sinuses headache diagnosis is based on history and physical examination. Factors that contribute in the development of headache include upper respiratory tract infection, cold, smoking history, environmental allergies.  Observation of ears may expose fluid level behind eardrum observation of nose may report swollen passage and discharge. X-rays are not suggested for sinus infection.  bounded CT scan is often recommended. Blood tests are not helpful in diagnosis of sinus headache.


For the treatment of sinus headache in best way the determination of basic cause is essential. The treatment must be analyzed by specialist because the medications may irritate hypertension and other medical problems. You can visit MI Express Care Canton Urgent Care for the treatment. The treatments include;


The sinus headache caused by bacterial infection will be cured by antibiotics.

Nasal sprays:

Nasal steroid sprays can be used to reduce swelling in nose and diminish congestion for sinus headaches due to allergy or infection.


In some cases sinus headache require surgery. Surgical procedures are used to remove diseased sinus tissues and recover

Home remedies:

The sinus headache can be cured by home remedies, which may not help in severe pain like. These are:

Breathing in Steam:

Breathing in steam can help to open the nasal passage which can help to reduce pressure and pain.

Salt Water Solution:

Pouring a small amount of salt water solution can help to decongest the nose and repeat the process until the nose feels clearer.

Warm washcloth:

Holding a warm wash cloth to face can relive the pain.

Lemon Honey Tea.

Mix honey and squeeze a lemon or two in green tea, it will give you relief from from congestion.

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