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Garlic is a pungent flavored & aromatic vegetable which is not only used in cooking but it has been used as medicine in ancient and modern history. Garlic grows in various parts of the world. It contains;

  • Phosphorous, potassium, zinc and sulfur.
  • Vitamin A and C.
  • Low level of magnesium, calcium, sodium and iron.

Although garlic has plenty of other benefits, but some of the medicinal benefits of garlic are as following;


Garlic is well-known for its antibacterial properties. As it helps in controlling bacterial, fungal, viral and worm infections. Moreover, a very small amount of garlic extracts is enough to prevent from cavity causing bacteria. Also this antibacterial property of garlic treats and prevents from;

  • Tooth decay
  • Oral infections
  • HIV infection
  • Helpful in ulcers
  • To treat intestinal infections

Cold and flu:

Additionally, garlic extracts reduces the severity of cold and flu by increasing the number of immune cells. Garlic extracts boost the immune system while lowers the inflammatory proteins. urgent care canton

Prevent and treat cancer:

Chiefly the presence of sulfur in garlic decreases the growth of cancer cells and causes the death of cancer cells. In fact daily intake of garlic lowers the risk of many types of cancer. It is helpful in types of cancer are;

  • To treat brain cancer
  • Prevent esophagus cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Stop the progress of breast cancer
  • Treat lung cancer
  • Help to stop prostate cancer
  • Minimize liver cancer progression

Treat skin conditions:

In addition to cancer treatment garlic is also useful for skin infections. Garlic is helpful for skin in following way;


Aged garlic extract prevents infection during allergic reactions by restricting the release of histamine (nitrogenous compound involved in local immune response). canton urgent care canton mi

Anti-aging effect:

Garlic not only prevents allergies but also increases the growth and lifespan of skin cells. Moreover garlic contains a hormone called cytokinin improve cell growth and delays aging by its antioxidant effects.

Skin rashes:

Garlic helps to treat rashes like eczema and psoriasis.

Remove scars:

Also garlic help to treat tough keloid scars.

Help with hair loss:

Likewise skin treatment the energizing properties of garlic reduces the hair loss. Garlic gel helps to treat alopecia (spot baldness). It also induces hair re-growth and prevents autoimmune response.

Improves heart health:

Particularly, garlic protects our heart against problems like heart attack and atherosclerosis. In fact heart diseases are associated to high blood pressure, high cholesterol. This cardio-protective property of garlic is due its control on following factors;

  • Lowers the cholesterol level
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Prevent blood vessels blockage
  • Prevent platelet aggregation.

Treat diabetes:

In order to treat diabetes, garlic reduces insulin resistance, cholesterol level and also regulates blood sugar level.

Reduce obesity:

Not only that, garlic also prevents obesity by reducing body weight. For this Garlic activates protein in fat tissue which converts nutrients into heat rather than energy. Especially Ajoene, a compound in garlic produce hydrogen peroxide which activates enzymes to kill fat cells.


Even more importantly garlic detoxifies the body by its antioxidants. The sulfur compound in garlic protects organ damage from heavy metals toxicity.

Improves brain functions:

Garlic improves memory and cognitive performance. It protects the brain damage and from age related diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Respiratory problems:

It sounds good that Garlic reduces the respiratory tract infections.  Also it is helpful in lung disorder like breathing difficulty and asthma. Due to antibacterial property helps in treating throat infection.

Help sexually:

Not only that, surprisingly garlic is a powerful Aphrodisiac. It contains compound allicin that increase blood flow to sexual organ. But it does not work overnight. In order to gain remarkable effects eat garlic daily.

Obviously garlic is delicious and easy to include in diet. Eating garlic regularly is not only good but help to prevent major causes of death include heart disease, cancer and stroke. In short garlic is a powerhouse of flavor as well as medicinal properties.

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