Protect Yourself from Illness & Diseases During Winter

Winter brings a list of seasonal diseases. In winter, lots of people suffer from flu and other winter diseases. Increase in Respiratory tract infection is an indication of winter season. Mostly these diseases are viral and bacterial. The common winter diseases are flu, colds, sore throat, asthma, dry skin, painful joints, cold hands and feet. These diseases affect people of all age; however babies and elders are more easily accessible. Flu is a viral respiratory disease .virus is microscopic organism that infect the cells of body and make you sick. The risk of getting infected by infectious diseases can be reduced by taking several simple actions. The prevention methods can be vaccinations and non medicational prevention. You can visit MI Express Care Canton Urgent Care for any type of seasonal disease.

Non medication measures for reducing flu rate: There are some simple precautions which can help to minimize flue infections;

Washing hands: wash hands with warm water and soap frequently. Wash hands before eating, after using toilet, after coughing and sneezing and after touching a germ covered surface. Periodic and habitual hand wash reduce the risk of getting infected. urgent care

Covering mouth and nose: cover your mouth and nose while coughing and sneezing prevent surrounding people from getting infected. Flu and other respiratory disturbance are spread by cough, sneezing and contaminated hands.

Avoid close contact: Avoid close contact with sick people and try to keep distance from others when you are sick in order to prevent them from getting infected.

Avoid touching nose and mouth: Germs also spread by touching, so do not touch your mouth, nose and eyes after touching something contaminated.

Avoid smoking: smoking make one getting flue more likely compared to others. Smokers have more serious infection and  risk of dying from flu.

Stay home if feeling unwell: It is better to stay at home when you are sick. It will help to stop spreading of disease, resume your working schedule when feel better. urgent care canton mi

Good health habits: use wipes to clean the touched surfaces at work place, home and school, especially when someone is sick surrounding you.  Get enough sleep, try to be physically active, eliminate stress and eat healthy food.

Vaccination: Flu can be avoided by getting vaccination. The vaccination is recommended for people of all age above six months. An Annual flu vaccination is best to protect against flu, because it reduces the risk of flu infection, hospitalization and death in children. This vaccine develops antibodies in the body after two weeks of vaccination which provide protection against infection. Age, health and allergies are the factors which determine a person’s suitability for vaccination. These vaccines are available at health departments, health centers, pharmacies and clinics. Flu vaccine is essential every year for two main reasons. First,   immune response from vaccination fall over time, so annual vaccination is required. Second, flu virus changes constantly and vaccine is renewed every year.

  • Vaccination protects women during and after pregnancy.
  • Can be life saving for children.
  • Reduce harshness of illness.
  • Help to protect surrounding people.
  • Important for people with severe health condition.

In addition to flue there are also some other cold weather disorders which can be deal and minimized by adopting some simple precautions;

Precaution for other winter diseases;

  • Cold can be prevented by washing hands regularly, keeping house and household items clean and using disposable tissues.
  • Sore throat is common in winter almost caused by viral infection. The easy remedy for sore throat is to gargle with warm salty water. It would not fix the infection but cause relaxation.
  • Asthma is shortening of breath. People with asthma should be more careful in winter. Stay indoor during cold, take regular medications.
  • Dry skin is common when humidity is low. Use moisturizer after bath. Use warm water, too hot water makes skin dry.

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