Nose Bleeding, Types, Causes and Treatment Along with Home Remedies

Nosebleeding (epistaxis) are common specifically in the people with bleeding disorders. Actually it is bleeding from inside nose tissues because of broken blood vessel. They hardly indicate serious problem and can be treated usually at home. Nosebleeds can be minor or major that need medical attention.


On the basis of origination nosebleeds are classified into two types;

Anterior nosebleeds:

This bleeding originates due to the breakage of blood vessel in front part of nose where a web of vessels assembles.  They are easily controlled at home and or by healthcare.

Posterior nosebleeds:

The nose bleeds due to vessels rupture in back part of nose. These are more serious and admission in hospital is required. Posterior nose bleeding are uncommon and often occurs in elder people. urgent care


Blood vessels inside nose are sensitive and are disrupted easily. The common reasons of nose bleeding are;

  • Injury nose
  • Bleeding disorder(platelet disorder)
  • Respiratory infections
  • Harsh nose blowing
  • Allergic reactions
  • Consistent sneezing
  • Chemical irritants
  • Dryness in nose
  • Blood thinners
  • High blood pressure
  • Cancer

Stopping nosebleeds:

Some quick steps that minimize and stop bleeding are easy and simple. These are;

Stay patient:

Try to relax during nose bleeding because getting nervous can increase bleeding.

Pinch nose:

Pinch nose by using thumb and index finger and breathe through mouth. Maintain pressure for about 10 minutes.

cold compress:

One of the most efficient ways to stop bleeding is cold compress. Placing cold compresses over nose bridge contracts blood vessels and stop bleeding.

Sit upright:

Sit upright and keep head above the heart to reduce blood pressure in nose veins. This help to stop further bleeding.


Spit any blood out of mouth. Blood Swallowing irritates stomach and cause vomiting.


Decongestant sprays tighten nose blood vessels. Thus help to slow down or stop bleeding.


Use humidifier:

Use a cool and moist humidifier before sleeping to add moisture and keep dryness far away.


Use nasal sprays or gel to keep the nose moist.

Trim fingernails:

Try to keep short fingernails because it prevents from nose picking.

Blow gently:

Blow nose as slowly as possible and avoid harsh nose blowing.

Wear head guard:

Wear a head guard during such activities which can injure your head and nose.

Do not pick nose:

To avoid nosebleeds do not rub nose hardly and avoid nose picking.

Sneeze through open mouth:

Moreover open mouth during sneezing to lower pressure on nose vessels.

Drink more water:

Dry season dries the nose and results in nose bleeding. In order to keep nose moist and prevent nosebleeds drink at least 8 glasses of water.

Quit smoking:

Smoking irritates and dries the nose and can cause noise bleeding.

Limit medications:

Do not use aspirin and other allergy medications. These can make the nose dry and lead to bleeding.

Medical treatment:

If self home treatment is not efficient and bleeding continues then see a doctor to prevent any serious damage. The medical treatment options may include;

  • Cauterizing blood vessel with chemical(silver nitrate)
  • Cauterizing blood vessel with laser beam
  • Nasal packing
  • Surgery or arterial blockage

Home remedies:

Few remedies may help to stop nose bleeding;

Apple cider vinegar:

It narrows the blood vessels and stop bleeding. Just din cotton in vinegar and hold at nostrils for about 10 minutes.

Saline water:

In order to moisturize the nasal membrane take a bowl of saline water and put some drops to the nose.


Nettle solution is good for nosebleeds linked to allergies. Boil nettle leaf and after cooling down, dip cotton ball and hold on nose until bleeding is stopped.

Cayenne pepper:

It regulates the blood pressure, take 1 tsp of powder, mix in warm water and then drink. It stops bleeding immediately.

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