Natural Remedies for Seasonal Allergy Relief, You Can Try Today

Spring, the sweet warmer time of the year with flowers blooming and greenery everywhere. But hold on, seasonal allergies are also common in the spring, sneezing, runny or stuffy nose, itchy body, watery or red eyes are the common symptoms of these seasonal allergies. Every year over 18 million adults face seasonal allergies in the US. Interestingly, research studies reveals that minimum 33% to maximum 91% of people inherit the sensitivity for different type of allergens like pollen, dust, weeds or trees, smoke, smell or air mold spores etc. When the level of all these allergens increases and reach up to a certain threshold in the spring, these small microscopic burrs get stick to the airways and irritate the tissues which activate the immune to retaliate against it. Extra mucus or fluid is produced, nose and throat swell or scratchy with watery eyes. Need is, you should know what should you do to minimize the affects of seasonal allergies by yourself before you see the doctor. Interestingly, you can have your allergy treated at MI Express Care Canton Urgent Care


Either you like it or dislike it, but studies reveals that flushing your nasal passages with saline is very useful technique and it improve the allergy symptoms over 27% (review by American Journal of Rhinology & Allergy). Studies suggests that Xylitol is more effective and gentle to clear up nasal passages. You can also use neti pot for better saline experience. It clear the nasal airways 31% faster & reduce the needs of medicines by 62%.

Apple Cider.

Another natural anti allergy remedy is Apple cider vinegar; it helps in reducing the mucus production and good to clean lymphatic system. The blunt and quick approach is to have a tablespoon inhaled. You also can mix it with bit of honey & a cup of warm water.


Research study conducted in Thailand, suggested that 30 minutes exercise can relieve you from the severe allergy symptoms. The reason is, exercise causes anti inflammatory effects in the nasal airways which help in reducing the allergy symptoms.


Local honey is best remedy you can have to lower the allergy symptoms, as bees create it from pure natural what’s around. Squeeze a lemon & one or two tablespoon honey in sugarless green tea to relieve your chest congestion and allergy symptoms.

Vegetables and fruits.

Probiotics strengthen your immune system with introducing useful bacteria in to the digestive tract. Fermented foods kombocha, kimchi & yogurt etc are the good sources of probiotics. The healthier your diet is, the healthier your body will be & strong will be the immune system.  Some foods like peanuts, pineapple, sun flower seeds etc act as active allergens for many people. So, the need is to add vegetables and fruits to your daily diet specially the citrus fruits to your daily diet. Nettle leaf can also be helpful. Swelling garlic, ginger tea with a tea spoon honey mixed are also helpful in relieving allergy symptoms.

Keep Hydrated.

Keep the body hydrated with water and other fluid like warm vegetable or chicken soups and green tea etc. Dehydration makes the body tired, restless and cause bloating in extreme cases. Keeping the body hydrated will not only keep the throat and nasal passage moist and wet but also help the body to washout the waste.

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