Some Facts About Mental Health You Should Know About

May is dedicated to mental health awareness. The purpose to raise the awareness level and clear all the misconceptions about mental problems. Millions of people in U.S  combat quietly with mental health issues. Clearly, need is to promote and encourage people for open conversations, meetups, gathering & rehab sessions with experts and already recovered people to discuss the problems and effective methods.

Here are some facts about mental health, which will help you to know about severity of the problems your beloved ones face because of mental illness.

  1. Every fifth American has experienced mental issues of some form in his/her life, while every 25th person faces serious mental issues like schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.
  2. Mental health issues result in over 800,000 deaths across the globe every year with mote than 41,000 in the States alone. Also, it is the 2nd major death cause for the deaths in 15-29 year age of people.
  3. Mental disorders are found in double ratio in the people who have seen wars or have been through tragedy or disasters in their lives. Such people need extra care and counseling. urgent care walk in clinic
  4. People facing mental health issues are commonly nonviolent. 3-5 percent of violence cases are linked to such people who are facing very serious mental illness.
  5. There are many things which influence mental health, like genetics, physical disability or severe injuries, tragedy or life incidents or poor economic, life and relationship situation etc.
  6. Majority of people keep silent and avoid treatment due to the stigma associated to mental illness. 44% of adults take steps toward treatment.
  7. There are other ways which beside prescribed OTC or medications but healthy life style, therapy, yoga, holistic treatment, exercise, stress management, tours etc are also helpful in keeping you normal. nearest urgent care near me
  8. Severe Mental diseases & illness cost the U.S economy over $200 billion every year.
  9. Over 50% of adults with substance abuse problems also suffer mental diseases.
  10. Every tenth young person have faced a time of serious depression, while 20% of young people have mental issues.
  11. Over 80% people who have got required treatment for mental disorders have experienced a very good improvement in condition and symptom reduction.
  12. Interestingly, majority of people with mental illness have productive and successful life despite difficult mental situation.

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