Itchy ear: Symptoms, Causes, Remedies & Treatments

Itchy ears are the most common issue in kids. Kids are extremely sensitive and are prone to ear infections easily leading to seductive desire to scratch them. Scratching ears is not good option because it leads to further complications.  Itchy ears are not usually a pre-start of a serious condition, but it may lead to a severe pain because of any hidden infection. For instance, some people stick-in sharp objects in the ears causing trauma to ear canal. Any fissure in the skin allow bacteria to enter through protective boundary to get the ear infected. You can visit MI Express Care Urgent Care Canton MI for ear infection.


The following symptoms indicate the ear itch;

  • Watery discharge from the ear
  • Pain in the ear
  • Tinnitus
  • Ear itch and redness
  • Ear pain that gets worse during movement


It is best to find out the actual cause of the irritation for appropriate treatment. The causes can be classified as

  • Bilateral ear itch: occur due to fungal or bacterial infection.
  • Unilateral ear itch: due to internal ear problem

Some major reasons of itching ears are;

Ear wax:

Human ear excrete dead cells and dirt in the form of earwax. This earwax is responsible to protect ear from foreign particles entering through ear canal.  It is also responsible for itchy ears if excessive amount is produced or pushed far in the ear canal. This thick wax can block the ear.


Psoriasis is the skin disease in which dry, red patches and scales build up. This skin condition appears on visible part of the body but it may also occur inside or behind the ear causes itching. This disease develops in body parts including;

  • Hands
  • Feet
  • Neck
  • Rarely on face, genitals and around nails

The variety of treatment option includes ear drops and steroid pills.

Skin allergies:

The ears can itch due to the inflammation in or near ear due to an allergic reaction. This reaction is because of shampoos, soaps and metal earrings. As ear canal is very sensitive so sometimes this itching can be due to change of products. Be conscious while introducing anything new to your skin and stop using if it is the cause.

Food allergies:

Similar to skin allergies some people have an allergic reaction to food which cause their ears to itch. Some vegetables, fruits and nuts are the common causes of food allergies. The doctor can diagnose the source of food allergy, severity and advise appropriate medication.


Sometimes itchy ears indicate infection. Usually bacteria cause them when someone had cold or flu. For example swimmer’s ear infection occur when water remains in ear even after swimming. In order to treat the infection possibly antibiotics and ears drops are used.

Improper cleaning:

Cotton swabs can inflame ear and cause itching. Improper cleaning method includes use of;

  • Pins
  • Matchsticks
  • Paper clips
  • Fingers

Hearing aid:

Sometimes the plastic or polish of the hearing aid causes an allergic reaction in the ear. When the users gets water in their ear then the hearing aid can trap the water causing itching. The solution is to use mold hearing aid.

Home remedies:

If ear pain and itching is not severe then the following remedies just meant for you.

Remove moisture:

Usually water stays in swimmer’s ears. To prevent this agglomeration prevent water from entering the ear.

White vinegar:

Putting a mixture of water and vinegar in equal proportion might help in itching.


Gargling or hot water steam may also help to get rid of itching.

Olive oil:

By using a dropper, put olive oil in ear. For good result you can also add crushed garlic in oil and boil the solution. This remedy is ready to cure you after the temperature bring down.

Warm water bottle:

In order to remove the excessive wax putting warm water bottle in ear may helps. The heat will melt the wax and drain it out of the ear.


Some safety measure can be adopted to prevent ear itching;

  • Avoid cleaning ears with objects like cotton swabs, paper clips and bobby pins.
  • Use anti-allergic jewelry
  • Use a swimming headband
  • Be careful with hearing aids
  • Be aware of allergies
  • Avoid soap and shampoo inside ear
  • Keep the ear free of excess wax
  • Avoid excess use of headphones
  • Use olive oil for excessive dryness


The ear itching is curable with appropriate medical assistance. The treatment mainly depends on the root cause. Some treatment options are;

Ear drops:

Moisturizing ear drops can be used to treat the dry ears.


In case of ear infection, antibiotic eardrops are used to kill the pathogens.

Ear syringing:

Ear syringing process is used in case of ear wax buildup to clear the ear canal.

Shower caps:

Shower caps are commonly prescribed for the person having itchy ear  to prevent the affected area  from getting moist.


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