How to Survive Extreme Cold Weather in the Winter

Everything is frozen outside. Another extremely frigid winter has covered the United States, temperature is predicted to touch the lowest level in upcoming days. Michigan University is closed third ever time in 40 years due to extreme cold weather. This extreme weather may be life threatening if you simply don’t follow the precautions to avoid cold weather. You should know how to deal with extreme cold weather. If you are not well equipped to keep your body warm, you may face health issues which may even be dangerous for your health. In order to stay safe during these freezing conditions, you should know about winter survival tips, given as under.

Keeping warm during cold:

Low temperature, lack of sun light and snow make it harder for the body to produce enough energy. This situation makes you vulnerable for seasonal diseases like cold, flu cough, respiratory & chest infections. Keep the indoor heated and moist, avoid getting out without any genuine need. As air get dried during cold weather, so it is useful to use humidifier to keep the indoor air moist. In this extremely cold weather, MI Express Care urgent care canton mi is delivering medical services and treating people with best of their capabilities and care.

Cover exposed parts:

Covering the exposed body organs will help the body to restore and maintain a good body temperature. Indeed, Exposed skin can be a quick way to lose body heat. So, use of gloves, hats, scarves and neck wares can help to keeps body warm.

C (clean cloth):

Dirty clothes lose its insulation value. Through crushed clothes, heat can easily emit out of the body. So, keeping clean clothes is important for sanitation and comfort during winter.

O (avoid overheating):

The overheated body begins to sweat and clothes absorb the moisture. As a result the insulation quality of clothes decreases, sweat evaporates and body become cool.

L (loose and layered clothes):

Loose clothing prevents low blood circulation. On the other hand several layers of clothing are better than single layer clothing. In fact, both loose and single layer clothing allow air between layers. This captured air, then helps to provide extra layer of insulation. canton urgent care

D (dry clothing):

Keep your clothes dry, use plastic over-coat on the clothes whenever you go outside in need. If you are indoor, try to avoid being wet in washrooms and kitchen to avoid cold.

Stay hydrated:

Body don’t need as much water as we need in the other seasons. You should know that drinking enough water is likewise useful to keep you away of many seasonal diseases. It maintains the blood flow in the body and helpful to washout the waste material out of the blood.

Stay active:

Exercise is the key factor of good health. It is not only a good way to increase the body temperature, but it also strengthens the immune system by igniting all the body parts to function well. It increases the heart beat for some time, which is good for heart health.


Adding seasonal vegetables and fruits to your daily diet will not only provide you with daily nutrients the body need but also will keep the immune strong. Moreover, a diet high in proteins, minerals, vitamins and fiber will not only provide enough energy but also keep the body in shape. It also keeps the digestive system strong and active.


In order to keep the home warm and safe during the winter the following simple steps can help you:

  • Protect pipes that run through cold areas of home with insulation.
  • Install a glass fireplace doors that blocks cold air through chimney.
  • Seal doors and windows, double glazing is useful for this purpose.
  • Reverse the direction of fans they ca help to stay warm in winter.


  • keep a screen around open flame
  • do not burn charcoal indoors
  • do not use gasoline.

Outdoor tips:

if you need to go outside you need to prepare;

  • warm dress
  • emergency kit
  • extra clothes, gloves and sunglasses
  • shelter, sleeping bag
  • way of communication(charged cell phone, satellite telephone, GPS).

Driving tips:

Good to avoid going outside without extreme need. However if its necessary, then the following tips may help you in safe home return;

  • prepare vehicle tire snow drive compatible
  • be aware of weather forecast
  • stay in vehicle
  • take turn slowly.

Although it is better to avoid circumstances that may leads to emergency situation, but planning and being prepared is better.

In last,

Help People in Need.

Help people who are in need of warm clothes, shelter or help. Remember homeless people and help them with what you easily can. You can help them with providing extra warm clothes, food items and sleeping bags etc.

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