How to stay safe in the hot weather?

Summer brings warmth and ease from the severe cold weather and winter’s illness and disease. Glad to hear that? Hold on, summer is also not illness and diseases free, it also have a list of medical problems you may face. We are getting ready for weather change and to welcome the summer with high temperature. Heat and hot weather kills more than 600 every year.  People can prevent these heat or summer related deaths by following some tips which will help them to maintain a normal body temperature and prevent any bad situation.

Body heat increases with the increase in humidity, as it is the first resistant which keep the body from releasing the sweat to cool down.

There are also some other factors like obesity, your age, mental & heart health, dehydration, outdoor work and poor blood circulation. Drugs and medicines also have role in affect the body ability of cooling down itself. canton urgent care

Summer and hot weather is too risky for older people with over 65 years of age and kids younger than two and chronic diseases patients. Patients with chronic, mental  diseases or body disabilities (dependent on you or someone else) needs extra care in the summer, whether they are getting plenty of water, fresh air and are in pleasant temperature.  Some of the summer precautions are given as under.

Don not  just rely on fans, instead use air conditioner to keep the temperature normal.

They should know about air conditioned shelter’s locations.

Staying indoor to prevent the outdoor’s heat.

Keep the body hydrated.

Limited outdoor activities, especially in the mid of the day when sun comes to heads.

Moderate physical exercise but do not go for tough outdoor workout in the mid of the day. Rather do it early in the morning or in the evening.

Clothes you use should be of light color and should be loose.

You should know about the symptoms of any heat related illness and diseases.

Taking showers to feel pleasant and cool down.

Use goggles to prevent your eyes while getting out.

Cover your head with white or any other light colored piece of cloth or cap.

Using sun block is also useful to save your skin from the sunburn.

The most important, never ever even think to leave your child or puppy in your car in any case. It is a direct risk to their lives.


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