How to Prevent the Flu: Good Health Habits Can Help Stop Germs

Winter brings flu and cold along with cold weather. Some people get exposed to flu and other germs like cold and cough every day for example doctors, teachers and flight attendants. Interestingly they know how to avoid germs in such environment when everyone is sick around them. Different people think it is few weeks hassled situation and the life will become on normal route soon, but the flu may be deadly for heart, asthma, diabetes patients and for the people with weak immune system. Here are few useful tips to minimize the risks.

Flu Shot.

The first ever step in Flu Prevention process is the Flu Shot. Get your seasonal flu shot every where and it will reduce the risks of flu up to 60%. You can get your influenza shot in MI Express Care canton urgent care.

Avoid Close Contact.

Close contact with affected person may make you sick easily. Similarly, when you are sick, keep a distance from the people to protect them from getting flu. Keep at least 3 fit distance from infected people. urgent care canton mi

Wash Your Hands.

As Flu virus spread through air, close contact etc. So, you should need to wash your hands after using public transport, handshakes, after using washrooms. Avoid using things and touching surfaces you think affected person have touched or used. Scrub & wash your hands for 2o seconds with warm water and soup. You can also use alcoholic sanitizer when you don’t have water and soap.

Stay Home.

When get infected by flu virus, avoid attending school, work or errands. This will minimize the risks of spreading of flu virus.

Cover Mouth & Nose.

Covering your mouth and nose while going out or traveling in public transport, it will minimize your risks to get flu virus. Likewise, when you sneeze or cough, cover your nose and mouth to stop spreading flu virus. Don not cough or sneeze in your palms but use your elbow to cough in when you don’t have tissue. Cold, cough, flu and other respiratory viruses and syndromes (RSV & SARS) spread through sneezes, cough and through hands.

Avoid Unnecessary Touches.

People often get germs when they touch their mouth, eyes or nose after encountering something contaminated with germs. Avoid touching mouth, nose or eyes will minimize the risk of getting flu virus easily.


Clean and sanitize the surfaces at home, schools and offices, when there is someone affected by flu. Use humidifiers to keep the air humid and warm, clean the indoor equipment, avoid dust and remove anything you know is Allegan.


Diet is the primary factor which decide the fate of your health. A good combination of fruits and vegetables diet is key for better immune system. Better immune means low risks of being ill.  Reduce the use of processed foods, rather try to use vegetables and fruits, low dairy food and low sugar food items. Citrus fruits have ample amount of vitamin C, which is very good to avoid flu and cold.

Active Lifestyle.

Eliminate smoking and excessive use of alcohol. Get medically prescribed sleep and try to maintain physical activities. Drink lot of fluid, chicken and vegetables soup, it will not only keep you warm but also good for immune. Exercise get you feel better but also strengthen the immune system. Moderate physical activity

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