How to Avoid Colds and Flu

Winter bring lot of seasonal diseases and illness like cold, flu, cough and sore throat. Some people are easy targets for flu cold and sore throat like doctors, teachers, flight attendants, as they have complex environment with people sick all around. Getting flu shot is the first ever step to avoid flu. Hence, there are other things which can keep you out of the reach of flu or cold virus. Few are given as under.

Clean Hands.

After meeting people at your work, stations, home and anywhere else, you must clean your hands against any possible germs. Wash your hands for more than 20 seconds, before and after going into kitchen to cook something, right after using washroom, after leaving public transport and visiting someone sick. Use hand wash & sanitizer in case you fail to find water and soap. You can always visit MI Express Care Canton Urgent Care in case you hit with flu.

Keep the environment clean & Moist.

Doctors suggests staying home is better when you are sick. Clean and sanitize the surfaces, places where you touch the more, light switches and door handles etc. Keep the environment clean by cleaning all the indoor things on regular basis. Make sure sunlight enter your house if possible.

Keep the indoor environment moist and make sure to avoid dry air enter your house. Using humidifiers are very helpful to keep the indoor moist.


Keep good care of yourself and your family members. Follow healthy and good nutrition and diet menu which is a good combination of fruits, vegetables, dry fruits and low-fat dairy items. Drink water very often to keep the body hydrated by drinking the water all the day. Milk (in low fat) is also very healthy food item to drink regularly.


Bad Habits.

Avoid Smoking, alcohol, late night parties and other negative activities which affect health level. Smoking cause changes to respiratory tract structure and weaken the immune response, a study found revealed.

Avoid Touching Your Face.

Touching your eyes, ear or nose may make you more vulnerable for different types of illness and disease like cold, flu or sore throat. Avoid such things to avoid such types of illness and infections. Cut your nails on regular basis and avoid biting it to stop germs inhalation.


Active and exercised life style is the key for healthy life. Three time walk, daily jogging, cycling, swimming or workout not only keep your body ignited but also strengthen the immune system. A study revealed that exercise keep the chronic disease & inflammation away, it also reduce the stress level which is major cause of different type of diseases and health disorders and it stimulate the white blood cells which is helpful to avoid cold and flu.


Body fight the germs better when you sleep. People with healthy sleep time show more resistance to the germs as compare to the people with sleep disorders. Also, body cytokines when you sleep, a protein type which facilitate the body to fight infections.


Stress is a major cause of many diseases and illness. Stress management is very much vital to keep the body healthy. Cortisol is helpful in fight against disease and inflammation. Stress affects the hormone release and lessens its effectiveness. Stress is also bad for digestive system and directly for stomach. The better way is not to think so deep, avoid negative thinking, talk to yourself, believe in yourself and energies. Don’t afraid of any difficulty and failures.

Get your Flu Shot.

Flu shots are like shields for your body, according to CDC. Flu shot is the first line of defense which keep you away to catch flu easily. It minimizes the risks up-to 55% to 60% in adults. For better results, have the flu shot at least two weeks before the season start. You can find urgent care canton mi in your neighborhood for your seasonal flu shot.

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