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Heart Attack Symptoms in Women to Look Out For

Signs of a heart attack in women may not be similar to men. Women may or may not experience the classic symptoms like crushing chest pain radiating to the arm. However, women may experience silent heart attack symptoms that are easy to miss. A study was published in 2003 of 515 women who had suffered a heart attack reported that 80% of women had 1 or more symptoms less than 4 weeks before the heart attack. Also, the risk of heart disease in women can be increased by certain diseases like PCOS.

Let us have a look at some warning signs of a heart attack in women:

Chest Pain or Discomfort


Having a squeezing or full feeling in the chest or feeling pain anywhere in the chest, and not just on the left side, may indicate a heart attack. According to medical experts, experiencing an uncomfortable, tightening feeling is one of the major symptoms of a heart attack in women.

Extreme or Unusual Fatigue


In the weeks leading up to a heart attack, unusual fatigue is often reported as a symptom. Fatigue is also felt right before the heart attack. Even activities not needing much exertion can cause feelings of exhaustion.

Upper Body Pain


This cannot always be specifically attributed to a particular muscle or joint in the upper body. Generally affected areas include the neck, jaw, upper back, and either of the arms. The pain may start in one area and slowly spread to other parts. Alternatively, it can be sporadic and discontinuous.



Feeling weak or shaky is one of the frequently experienced acute female heart attack symptoms.

Shortness of Breath, Nausea, or Lightheadedness


Experiencing breathing problems for no particular reason may be an indication of a heart attack for women, especially if they are also having other symptoms simultaneously. This may be accompanied by feeling lightheaded and nauseous.



Generally, excessive sweating without any normal reason is one of the noticeable warning signs of a heart attack in women. Another indicator of heart problems could be feeling cold and clammy without any particular reason.

Sleep Disturbances


Issues with sleep were reported by almost half of women before they had a heart attack in the study conducted in 2003. These disturbances included difficulty in falling asleep, abnormal waking patterns throughout the night, and feeling exhausted despite getting sufficient sleep.

Women should seek help immediately if they experience any of these symptoms. If you need urgent medical care, contact MI Express Care, Canton. We provide excellent urgent care and primary care services, seven days a week with no appointment necessary for urgent care patients.

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