Foods You Can’t Stop Eating — But Should

Good health starts with healthy diet. Most of the people don’t know much when it comes to the outcomes of what they eat. The problem is that the health issues of eating unhealthy food take times to digest and be a part of your body. Eating such foods for a long period of time can cause certain severe conditions and diseases that can be fatal in long run.

Actually, there is a lot of confusion about foods that which foods are healthy and which are not.  Many foods are really not healthy while there is a also a list of healthy food items. They are secret sugar bombs that cause inflammation and many foods set your hormones into an unhealthy state. It does not take a lot of work and it helps to practice self-control. Here is a list of food items that are unhealthy and should be avoided.

Sugary drinks:

The single worst thing in the modern diet is the added sugar.  When sugar is consumed in a large amount, it can lead to insulin resistant in the body and is related to non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases and heart diseases. Water, soda water, coffee, tea can be used as an alternative. urgent care canton mi

Most pizzas:

One of the most popular junk foods is pizza. It tastes awesome and is convenient to eat. Most pizzas are made with unhealthy ingredients. Pizza is extremely high in calories made from highly refined wheat flour and processed meat. Homemade pizza made from wholesome ingredients can be healthy. urgent care near me

White bread:

White bread contains a very little amount of fiber to slow down the release of sugar into the blood. It is unable to make you feel satisfied and your body to work well. It can also lead to rapid spikes in the sugar. Whole grain bread is better than white bread.

Fruit juice:

Fruit juices are assumed to be healthy but almost, they are not. Although fruit juice contains vitamin C and antioxidants and they also contain a lot of sugar. In fact, they contain as much sugar as other sugary drinks like Pepsi and Coke, etc.  Pomegranate and blueberry juices have shown health benefits despite the sugar content.


Margarine is considered a better alternative to butter but thus far from the truth.  Margarine is processed food with loaded artificial ingredients. Margarine contains a number of trans-fats which can damage blood vessels walls and can lead to an increased risk of a heart attack. You should stick with omega-3 fatty acids instead of margarine.

French fries and potato chips:

Although white potatoes are healthy however the product made from them like potato chips and French fries cannot be. They contain a high amount of acrylamides, trans-fat, and oil that can cause heart attack. Boiled potatoes are best to be consumed.

Pastries and cakes:

Most pastries and cakes are generally made from refined sugar and added fats and are extremely unhealthy. The worst things that you can put into your body are tons of calories and unhealthy ingredients with no essential nutrients.

Ice cream:

One of the most delicious foods on the planet is absolutely ice cream but unfortunately, it is unhealthy. Most commercial ice creams are loaded with sugar and also high in calories. Further, it is easy to eat an excessive amount due to its delicious taste.

Processed meat:

According to studies processed meat cause many serious diseases in many people including diabetes, colon cancer, and heart diseases. It is said that processed meat contribute to hormones problems, antibiotic resistance and can disrupt insulin. They are a source of sodium nitrate which adds taste and color along with preservation. These are converted into nitrosamines which are carcinogenic compound and can lead to stomach, colorectal, and pancreatic cancer.

White chocolate:

All chocolates are not the same and the health effects of white and black chocolate are different. Eating too much chocolate can lead to tooth decay, constipation and obesity. White chocolate is unhealthy and contains a great amount of sugar.

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