Prevent the Flu: What is the Current Situation of Flu Across USA

Winter is getting folded so as the flu season slowly after 18 weeks. CDC report indicates. There is decline in the patients number clinics treat for flu or flu like symptoms. It also reported increase in H3N2 virus and also issued tips for walk in clinics about the season and patients care.

There is slight decrease in flu type B, while increase in H3N2 & H1N1 is still active. CDC recommended anti viral medication for the affected people specially the elder people with over 60 or more. They also, didn’t recommend the nasal spray flu vaccine this season. The number of visits for flu treatment is now 3.8% which is above the US baseline but it has declined from 4.4%. Also flu virus activities are noted in 34 states last week, as compare to 44 of 2 weeks ago states.

You can still get flu vaccine as it’s never late for it but the ideal time is to get it two weeks before the start of flu season. Also, you can avoid flu with many healthy habits.

Wash Your Hands. Keep your hands clean and clear to avoid any type of other illness and disease along with flu. Do remember to wash your hands before and after cutting or cooking something in the kitchen, after using washrooms, after shaking hands with people, travelling in public transport etc.

Touching Surfaces or Things. Door handles, surfaces and things like office water cooler may also be infected with viruses, as people touch and use it. Do not use common glass or cup as it is also a source of transmitting viruses. If possible, clean the surfaces with sterile liquids. MI Express Care Urgent Care Walk-In Clinic

Cover your mouth. Mouth and nose are the sources of inhaling flu viruses. Covering your mouth and nose while coughing or sneezing will also minimize the risk of affecting other people.  Also, touching mouth, nose or eyes has significant role in it, simply avoid it. Airports, schools, people at medical facilities are the easy targets of flu virus. canton urgent care

Contact. Avoid close contacts like kiss, hugs or shaking hands with affected people. As, flu virus spread through such contacts, you should avoid such contacts.

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