Exercise Reverse the Bad Effects of Sitting? A Study Revealed

Sitting for long hours results in lot of undesirable affects on the human bodies. A study has found that sitting for long hours has connections with heart disease, obesity and diabetes. It doesn’t simply means that you may be the easy target of cardiac disease just because of sitting for long hours, but sitting for long hours is not have no good signs for body in long run but the good sign is that exercise may help you to decrease the level of risks.

From 2017 – 2016 the total sitting time increased one hour a day each year with 6.4 hrs for adults and 8.2 for teen agers, Yin Cao said, Asst professor in School of Medicines St.Louis at University of Washington. She is the senior author of the research study that analyzed the US sitting data of National Health & Nutrition Examination Survey of 52000 Americans from 2001 – 2016. The survey prepared separate questions for sitting times beyond school and offices times like watching TV or using computers.

Percentage of people who spent at least two hours is given below.

  • 62% were children
  • 65% Adults, in which 84% people were 65 or over.
  • 59% Teen agers

This is the average sitting time, while the overall sitting times data is given as under.

  • Watching TV for 3 hours or more: 38%
  • Watching TV fot 4 hours or more on daily basis: 23%
  • Watching Videos & TV time’s changes were slight and it is fairly stable.
  • Computer use & driving sedentary times spiked.
  • Computer use outside office and schools increased in all age groups over the previous 15 years. Time. Data of 2001 – 2015,16 are;
  • 56% children used computer for one hour or more as compare to previous 43%.
  • Computer usage ratio for teen rise from 53% to 57%.
  • For adults, data spiked from 29% to 50%.

NHANES survey didn’t collect the Handled Devices data, so as this study also didn’t include facts about it, Cao stated that. The Technological change has increased the use of computers but surprisingly TV sitting remained stable as it was thought that computer use would have decreased it. canton urgent care

Exercise: Exercise has not only useful for overall health but it also reduces the stress level. Risks of obesity, heart disease and other diseases decrease as the level of exercise increases.  The magic threshold would be 150 minutes activity per week to decrease the over diseases risks. Even a short spin of exercise are also beneficial, another study has revealed. According to a study conducted in Australia that more than 300 minutes strong physical activities a week possibly wipe out the risks. Importantly not all the people completely agree with the findings of the study.

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