Can Coffee Help You Lose Weight?

Coffee is the first thing most people drink in the evening without knowing its health benefits. Around 80% of the world’s population drinks coffee in various amounts daily. In the morning it acts as a mood freshener. The astonishing weight loss property of black coffee is assigned to the presence of caffeine in coffee.


Caffeine is a predominant element in “weight loss” supplements. Drinking coffee is related to weight loss and maintenance of weight loss. This is not just about coffee, this is about caffeine.  You can have caffeine without coffee such as tea, red bull, soda, and caffeine pills and coffee without caffeine. Apart from caffeine, coffee as a whole food contains elements like antioxidants which help in weight loss.

Weight loss:

Brown fat:

Drinking coffee stimulates the brown coffee which burns calories. Brown fat produces heat in response to heat by burning fat. It improves the control of blood sugar level and blood lipid level and helps to lose weight.


Black coffee is completely calorie free. For getting maximum effect you should avoid mixing with sugar and milk. A cup of black coffee contains only water with freshly ground coffee beans.  It gives energy without giving an excessive amount of calories.

Boost metabolism:

Resting metabolic means the number of calories that burn while being inactive. Without focusing on metabolism you would not be able to lose weight. A high rate of metabolism helps to lose weight more quickly without gaining extra weight. Caffeine increases the metabolic rate, reduced food crave, and boost energy level. walk in clinic

Suppresses hunger:

The black coffee suppresses hunger by increasing energy level and stimulating metabolism. A cup of black coffee contains 5.4 calories and such low calories is an extra advantage. It promotes feelings of fullness.

Minimize the water content:

Some people are heavy because of excess water content and fat. Drinking black coffee causes frequent urination and helps to reduce excess water from the body. Thus, coffee helps to cut down the extra pounds without any side effects. nearest urgent care

Reduces exertion during exercise:

Perceived exertion means how hard you feel that you are working. Caffeine reduces perceived exertion. Exercise is the best way to lose weight. If you struggle or annoy while exercising then caffeine may help by little pumping you.

Increase fat burning during exercise:

Caffeine fluctuate calorie burn to use more fat. During work out calories burnt and these calories come from stored fat. People who took caffeine before exercise found more burning of stored fat. In short, it helps to be a good exerciser which is better for weight loss and overall health.

Prevent weight regain:

Most people lose weight but they become unable to maintain their weight. They regain it. According to a study, caffeine prevented women from regaining weight. Black coffee helps in permanent weight loss by burning more number of calories.

Diuretic effect:

Coffee leads to short-term weight loss by decreasing the amount of fluid not fat. This effect is useful for women who maintain more water during menstruation. Caffeine also boosts the conversion of fats into fatty acids. The fatty acids absorbed into body help in losing weight.

Better bowel movement:

Coffee is a fiber food and acts as a cleaning agent. Black coffee improves bowel movement and helps to flush out stool. Gastric peristalsis starts 4 minutes after drinking tea and this lead to weight loss.

Although black coffee has many health benefits and helps to lose weight but getting addicted to it causes side effects.  Coffee may not be right for everyone. It can cause

  • Upset stomach
  • Irritability
  • Headache
  • Muscle ache
  • Insomnia
  • Nervousness

For a healthy life take black coffee in a moderate amount and be and stay slim.

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