All-Natural Home Remedies for Fast Cold & Flu Relief

You would have experienced ruby or itchy throat, cough, fever body aches and watery or sometimes stuffy nose with continuous sneezing. These are the symptoms of flu or cold symptoms. You shouldn’t wait until it gets worst. Treatments in the early stages or in the start of the symptoms will make you not only able to possibly avoid the virus worst attack but also it eliminates the possibility of spreading to other people. Here are few recommended tips in the early start of the symptoms. You should visit MI Express Care Canton Urgent Care in case you have encountered cold, sore throat, flu or fever.

  1. Avoid Hard Work. When you feel you are getting sick, avoid waking up for late night, consume lot of energy in doing hard project work or got for daily running for mile or two. Rather think about rest, let your body repair and combat the symptoms. Increase and store your body energy level for better fight against in invaded viruses.
  2. Treatment. Treat the symptoms like fever, headache, sinus pain etc with pain killer medicines but you should know what medicine is for. You should know what medicines to take in what amount.
  3. Getting enough sleep, especially in the start of the symptoms is very useful for the body; it helps the body to repair itself. Body regains the energy when you sleep, so avoid waking up for late nights.

  1. Drink lot of fluid. When the cold virus attack the body and start showing the symptoms, it’s the best time to keep the body hydrated, as immune system preparing the body to fight back the invaded virus. Chicken corn or vegetable soup, green tea and lot of water keep the body moist and hydrated.  Squeeze a lemon in Green tea and mix spoon honey in, it is very helpful in relieving  you from throat pain and scratches
  2. Soothe the throat. Gargling with warm salted water after hour or two is helpful for relieving your scratchy or sore throat.
  3. Avoid Dry Environment. Keep the indoor environment moist and wet. Humidifiers and vaporizers are very useful to keep the indoor air moist and wet. Keep all the things clean and sprayed with anti-germ liquids specially the surfaces.
  4. Hot shower. Hot shower or setting up in the steamed baths help to ease the sore and starchy nose and throat and relieve your congestion.

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