9 Ways You Can Improve Your Mental Health, From Today

The modern lifestyle has changed the ways of everyone life. Lot of work, lack of extracurricular activities Life mean to enjoy every moment to its core and stress-free happy times is the best thing you ever can dream about. In fact, mental health decides the fate of your overall health and nothing is impossible to achieve. So, you can improve your mental health level with some useful tips and ways.

  1. Positive approach. Thinking is what the we call the base of the mental health. Telling something positive to yourself will not only improve your capabilities but also increase the energy level. Negative thinking will not only land you in problems but also affect your overall health. Talk to yourself like “I can do it” “I will do it”, the words that encourage and motivate you. Do not always think about your life’s failures, people negative behaviors and past negative experiences. Appreciation and gratitude are something that keep your moral high, keep all the good times in your thinking and try to avoid the bad ones, as it is of no use to mourn for past. Convince yourself on try try again pattern and never to lose hopes in first or second attempt.

  1. One work. Be focused and present while doing anything, healthy approach is to do one task at one time. Multiple tasks will lead you toward fatigue and weigh your energies down. Do what pleases you and try to avoid what make you irritated. When you are lost while doing something, talk to yourself and bring back your attentions toward the activity. 
  1. Workout. Workout and exercise help the body to release the stress and cheers up your mood. This make it strong antidote for tension, anxiety and stress. Try to start from baby steps like start using stairs, going market or visiting a nearby friend. 30 minutes exercise is best for better health situation outside to be exposed to sunlight to get the body produce Vit D which enhance serotonin level in the brain. 
  1. Food. Food decide the fate of your stomach, which directly affect your overall health. What you eat directly affect your brain too, food make it produce serotonin which help in calming down the mood, while protein’s food boost tyrosine, dopamine and norepinephrine which keep you active and alerted. Fruits and vegetables are also enriched with different nutrients, minerals, fiber and other healthy items which body needs on regular basis and along with that nutrients which affect the brain chemicals responsible for regulating the mood.

  1. Open-Up. Don’t feel shy to laugh or letting know the people about something want to share. As, you know your beloved ones and true friends who cares for you, so you can share your mind with them. Trusting can increase your emotional & cheers level, as you will know about the shining corners of the people, which will result in making you positive. 
  1. Help Other. Don’t shy to rush to help someone in bad situation. Helping other will make you feel better about yourself and will make you happy. Being kind will not only make your mood calm but also it will increase your self-esteem sensation about yourself. 
  1. Break. When you feel you are doing too many difficult things since long, set aside and leave that thing you feel irritated. Try to do your favorite activities. Sometimes we feel exhausted while doing same type of regular activities for longtime, so body need a break, which help it to overcome the negative sensation. If activity is related to profession, you can make some changes to your life style like adding daily exercise to your routine, attending friends gathering and start going out with the people whose company make you happy.
  1. Sleep & Wake Up Early. Sleep has direct link to your mood. Set a suitable bed and rise time for yourself and try to maintain it. For better and deep sleep, try to relax, empty your mind of any stress and thoughts, speak to yourself that stress won’t help in positive way, but it would have negative impact. Another best thing is to stop using computer or TV an hour before you go to bed. Think your bed as your relaxation place, so use it for relaxing activities only.

9. Start Today. Make the improvement of your mental health as your first priority & start all these above stated things today on regular basis. Only you have to think  & take care of your health and the power to take positive actions for your mental health. Take these tips as start of new healthy lifestyle. Don’t wait, as it may lead to a disastrous mental health situation.

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