Hello Hearty Marty

The great minds at Mi Express Care gathered one evening to have a sit-down to discuss a key member of our team. Someone, or something, that can represent who we are and what we’re about here at Mi Express Care. Ideas were thrown out for discussion that included, but not limited to– a brain, a man/woman flexing with bulging biceps looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Doc McStuffins.. Ok, Doc McStuffins was a great idea, but of course copyright infringements halted that idea.

We needed something original. Something that showed ‘strength’, ‘love, and ‘wellness’. Something that we can stand behind with all of our heart… Hmmmmm *Ding*

We would like to introduce you to Hearty Marty. The strong, lovable, and smiling mascot that represents Mi Express Care. Hearty Marty will be hanging around Mi Express Care from time to time. He’ll also be at various promotional events. Your part in this is simple. We just ask that you give a friendly wave to Hearty Marty, give’em a hug, or even a super high-five. Hearty Marty will return the gesture and he promises to love you with all of his ‘heart’.

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