In the words of Tesla, “Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs..” If you have been driving down by our building as of late, you’ll appreciate the connection as our beautiful signs have been hoisted up. Just as you may have at some point in your life driven to the ocean, or Grand Canyon, that first glimpse is breath taking. I know what you’re thinking, “Really, comparable to the Grand Canyon??” Well, all I can say is they look stunning and it enhances the excitement that we’re one step closer to opening the doors and essentially one step closer to helping the great people in our community. So, if you haven’t seen our signs, take a moment to dust off that old Ace of Base cd, jump in the car, head down to our Mi Express Care, and start wailing “I Saw the Sign” as you drive by. We’re proud of the way they came out, and we want you to be proud as well. Honestly, we all know we just need an excuse to jam that old Ace of Base cd anyway. Here is that excuse. Enjoy.



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