How to Boost Your Immune System

Immune is your shield to defend the body against germs and diseases. Sometimes it fails to work properly to defend you from being sick. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, you can avoid different diseases and illness by strengthening your immune system. Immune is not single entity or unit but a system, which need strength and harmony to function smoothly. Almost every research study suggests few basic things for better immune system like healthy diet, exercise, tension & stress management and life style. A weak immune can make you easy target for winter diseases flu, cold or cough which land you to visit urgent care center like MI Express Care Canton Urgent Care. Few things may keep you healthy.


Diet is directly linked to many things in our body. It is the food which decide the Fate of our health. People addicted to junk foods, carbonated, cold or sugary drinks, spice food items have very weak immune as compare to the people with healthy diet. Eating vegetables, fruits, dry fruits, seeds, different type of nuts have plenty of nutrients which are necessary to strengthen our immune. Also, Vitamin C intake through diet is helpful to improve white blood cells production. A research study revealed that fruits and vegetables-based diets result in high antibody response to the pneumovax vaccine. Citrus fruits like grapes, tangerines, oranges, lemons, limes, clementines are very good for better immune system. Taking immune supporting herbs is good for health. Some other food items good for immune are given as under.

  • Red bell papers
  • Broccoli
  • Garlic
  • Ginger
  • Spinach
  • Yogurt
  • Almonds
  • Turmeric
  • Green Tea
  • Chicken & Vegetable Soup
  • Papaya
  • Kiwi
  • Seeds of Sunflower
  • Sea Foods
  • Pulses

Eliminate Drinking Alcohol & Smoking

Smoking and excessive use of alcohol increase the dangers of different infections like throat and lungs. These things are really very bad for immune system. Smoking is the main factor of lung cancers across the globe.


Exercise is main key to keep the body healthy, energetic and motivated. Healthy approach is to start it with 10 minutes’ walk and increase it slowly and gradually to 30 minutes of regular exercise. It will not only increase the efficiency of the organs to fight invaded germs but also will increase the body stretching level against injuries. You can visit Urgent Care Canton MI for minor injuries and different diseases.


Stress management play vital role in keeping you in good health. Stress result in demotivation, exhaustion and eliminate the energy level. For better management you should think about positive things, your successes, make a conversation with yourself during bad times that you can do this, convince yourself for handling anything in organized way, spend time with friends, family and in hobbies. Counseling is also a better option. Try to laugh a lot, as it cost you nothing. It reduce the stress and spike the white blood cell which fight infections. Funny movies, attending standing comedy programs, funny videos greatly reduce the stress level. A study has currently revealed that you have to tell your body to feel cheers and laugh and laugh for no reason also has great impact of keeping you cheers.


Human body repair itself and fight better while you sleep. Shortness of sleep may likely make you more vulnerable for cold and other infections. Research studies revealed that Flu shots have better results for the people with well-managed sleeping times as compare to others. Shortness of sleep may create high level of stress hormone. 7 hours of sleep is important for better health. closest urgent care


With the passage of time the strength of human body decreases, so as the immune capabilities which make the body vulnerable for different types of infections and diseases. Aged people are more vulnerable to diseases and infection and have high death ratio from many infections like pneumonia, respiratory infections, flu etc are the major causes of uncertain deaths.

There is direct link between diet/nutrition and immune system in aged people. Surprisingly “micronutrient malnutrition.” Is common in developed countries.  So, the need is to work upon the diet for old age group of people. As it need a strong healthy diet menu to be arranged for them. Different vitamins like Vit A, C, B6, iron, sodium, folic acid, copper etc. are very helpful in building great immune system.


How to Stay Healthy, Fit and Safe During Winter

Winter season can be tough and hard to stay healthy with minor or no precautions. Moreover, so many events are coming up in the holiday season like family dinners, Christmas parties, giving gifts, outing etc. You have more other things to be busy in which may get you loose concentration and care about your health. Holiday season also make you lazy and many people find it difficult to get on active track soon. Colder nights with short days make it difficult for many people to sum up the motivation to keep healthy and fit which can act as a foundation for weak immune system. These few things may help you to maintain your health. closest urgent care

Diet & Exercise.

In winter people may get weather related injuries as a result of slipping, falling etc. Also, the lack of exercise and attention toward the diet plans specially during the holiday season. People tend to finalize packing, travel plan, setting up the goods before leaving. Shopping and other things not only keep us so busy that we forget about healthy diet regimen but also find no time for workout. Eat a great combination of fruits and leafy, dark colored vegetables. Keep the plate filled with some fruits and vegetables as a salad. Curcumin is helpful in boosting the immune level. Eat fruits like oranges & other fruits specially enriched with fiber like apples, nuts, oats etc. Taking multivitamins B12, A, C & D, folic acid, copper, selenium and food enriched with iron, zinc strengthen the immune.
Exercise is great for better immune system. Studies revealed that increasing heart beat rate for a sometime strengthen the immune system. Workout also increase the stretching of the body, which help to keep you getting injured easily.

Keep Hydrated.

Water is life and life need water to stay healthy and active. Water keeps the body energetic, washout waste out of the blood and body and facilitate the oxygen supply to every corner of the body. In the winter, avoid sugary drinks, as it increases glucose and decrease the immune strength which make you vulnerable for flu and cold. Hot fluids like soup, green tea, vegetable soups are very healthy drinks for not only building immune system but also keep you hydrated.


Stress is like killer for the immune system. Avoid stress as much as possible, think upon positive things, avoid negative thoughts, speak and convince yourself about your power of combat and well power to fight the difficulties. Increase your social gatherings are also helpful in keeping you healthy. walk in clinic for flu shot.


Keep your surroundings clean and hygienic, use humidifiers to keep the indoor wet and moist, as dry environment is also a reason of sore throat, cold or flu. Stock up hand santizer to wash hands with after using washrooms, before cooking and meal. Keep the surfaces clean with antibacterial agents, avoid nose, mouth and eyes touch. Cleanliness play vital role in keep your overall health on high standard. Visit top rated urgent care near me fro flu, cough, cold and fever.


People try to stay indoor for long times during winter season, but it can guarantee to keep you safe from getting ill. Keep your home clean, warm and safe with some measures like Winterizing your house by installing insulation, weather strippers and double-glazed storm windows, repair leaks of your roof, wash and sanitize the gutters. Install properly serviced heating system, double check the chimneys & fire-places, smoke detectors, batteries and change it after every 6 months. Installing carbon monoxide detector is good practice.

How to Deal with Congestion and Sinus Pressure

Human body creates mucus as reaction to allergens. Symptoms are sneezing which affect the throat, mucus production is started as a defense against invaders or infections. Different types of Allergies, flu and cold cause nasal congestion & sinus pressure. Whatever the reason is, congestion is bad to bear. Cold or flu or allergy make the lining membrane of nasal passage irritated and inflamed, with extra mucus creation which cause irritation. Keeping the nasal passage will get you relief.

Nasal congestion and sinus pressure occur when tissues lining the nasal passages are irritates, swollen or inflamed which make it difficult to breath. Mucus is not only responsible for congestion, but this is inflamed or swollen nasal passage which cause abnormal production of mucus which fill the nose. urgent care

Some of the reasons of mucus creation are.

  • Different type of allergies, along with hay fever, dust mites allergy
  • Flu or Cold virus infection
  • Asthma
  • Infections (Bacterial)
  • Nasal Spray

Sometimes the mucus drops on throat which cause vomiting type sensation and cause soreness of throat. It also clogs the ears and sometimes leads to ear infection too. You can follow few tips to ease the congestion and sinus pressure.

  • Use Simple Saline spray regularly few times a day.
  • Use bulb syringe or Neti-Pot to pour salted warm water (Saline) to clean up the blockage of the nose.
  • Humidifier is useful to keep the indoor air moist but clean it on daily basis
  • You should visit MI Express Care urgent care canton mi for the treatment, if you are in Canton MI.
  • Cover your face with wet towel, it may help to reduce the discomfort.
  • Taking long hot water shower or breathing in steamed water pot is very helpful.
  • Avoid smoking & other unhealthy activities.

Stay hydrated and drink other hot fluids like soups, green tea, squeezed lemon and honey in warm water or green tea. These liquids help in relieving the stuffy nose, keep the body hydrated which help the immune system to perform well and make the mucus thin.

Strengthen your immune system with Vitamin C intake, as many research studies found that it helps to shorten the cold duration. Few herbals like eucalyptus oil and menthol also good for stuffy nose. According to Maryland University Medical Center of Health Science eucalyptus oil are like expectorant which make the phlegm grip to loosen in the lungs. Garlic is another useful food item, as it contains anti-bacterial and fungal characteristics.

Nasal congestion and sinus take few days to get healed on it its own but bacterial infection will need a visit to some reliable nearest urgent care like MI Express Care Canton Closest Urgent Care, doctor will examine you and will ask you about the symptoms and possible reasons.

How to avoid winter illness and diseases?

Some diseases burst with the winter. List of diseases like Cold, Flu, Cough and Sore throat are associated with winter cold season. Though it is not necessary that everyone get sick but those who don’t follow prevention strategies like Flu shot, as it is also one of the great shields against flu. It is recommended from kids with age of more than 6 months and all elders except over 70 people with life threatening diseases. Over 68% of American avoided to get flu shot. You can visit closest urgent care for flu shot. This year you should take the flu shot on time BECAUSE of these reasons.

You Can’t Afford to lay down.

No one can want to get ill severely and lay down for days. No one can even think like that. So, need is to follow proper medical guidelines like have flu shot on time, make compulsory for everyone to wash hands after entering home. Everyone can bring germs home from outside, even your children can bring flu virus from his school or sports ground beside been vaccinated.

New Babies.

For pregnant women a study revealed that influenza vaccine provides after birth protection for months. Which is why infant below 06 months can’t be vaccinated as it I risky and may cause flu complications.

How to prevent it.

Washing Hands

Washing hands is very helpful in maintaining good health, specially the children need higher attentions to get their hands washed properly after playing outside, after using washrooms, after school, before and after having meal. In fact, you should always have clean and germ-free hands. In case you get flu, cold or cough, it is highly recommended to visit a reliable urgent care near you like MI Express Care Urgent Care Canton MI.


Less sleep pushes the body in to many problems like allergies, sickness and weakening of immune system. So, make sure to sleep well.


Diet decide about your health, if your diet is healthy, your immune will work fine. Use the combination of fruits and vitamins and antioxidants enriched deep colored vegetables. Such type of healthy diet improves and strengthens the immune system.

Avoid Touching Face.

Hands are the common carrier of germs in human body. Touching your face specially nose, eyes and mouth double the possibility of getting flu, cold or cough because your hands may have germs.

How to Cough.

Don not use Palms/hands to cough in, rather use bent inner elbow. Always remember to wash your hands after you sneeze and cough.

Keep Distance.

From people who are infected or have symptoms of flu, cold or cough, as cough or sneezing can push and transmit some viruses up to 5-6 feet. Avoid kissing, hugs and other close contacts, as it may get you infected very easily. Sanitize all the things like toys, TV remotes, door handles, book, table surface etc. Separate things of the affected person and use hot water to clean it up. The most important thing to remember is stopping shared equipment. Do not allow anyone to use the affected person equipment like cups, glass, toothbrush, towel or eating equipment. Also, avoid using same bed.

Stay Hydrated.

Water keep the body well maintained and active. It also keep the oxygen supply on track but also provide minerals necessary for body strength along with excreting waste material out of the body and blood. walk in clinic

Cough. Why You Cough & How To Prevent Coughing

Got cough? Well, it is one of the top reasons why people see the specialist, thirty million visits a year. Doctor will try to reach out the cause, so that he can move to the first section of getting you relief by writing the accurate prescription. Analyze all your symptoms, it will help you to get perfect treatment.

Cough also sometime have something good for the body, as it is also a source of getting out the stuff which is not good for the body or organs like accidentally inhaled dirt or food particle and or may be phlegm. You can visit MI Express Care Walk in Clinic to treat your cough & other diseases.

Triggers for Cough.

Viruses. In winter people get targeted by many viral infections. Winter illness and diseases like Influenza, cold and sore throat are the prominent causes of cough. These diseases get the throat infected, which may lead further to chest infection. Cough mainly go away within few days but after cold cough last for long time.

Allergy & Asthma.

People with allergy face difficulties when encountered with allergens like mold, smoke, dust or dirt, smell or pet. Lungs will overreact when the person face anything bothering the body.

Postnasal drip.

When you have cold or flu, sometimes mucus drip toward throat from the nose which may cause cough.

There are other various causes like side effects or drugs, chest or lungs infections and few other things like sleep apnea, acid reflux, dry weather and lung inflammation. Some medicines like allergies and high BP, can also cause severe cough.  The need is to know the actual reason behind your cough. People self-treat the cough at their homes but we suggest you should visit nearest urgent care to get checked by a doctor.

How to avoid it.

Stay Hydrated.

Well, everyone know that water is life. Water keep the upper respiratory tract moist and thin the postnasal mucus which drop on the throat. Honey, Soup, menthol and green tea are the best home remedies for cough along with cold and flu. These hot drinks not only soothe your throat but also moist the membranes.

Steam Shower.

Showering with Hot water is helpful in loosing the stuff inside nose. Steam not only get you relief from cold but also from allergies. Likewise, humidifiers keep the indoor environment moist and don’t let it get dry.

Stay from Allergens.

Allergens like perfumes, smell, smoke, dust or dirt may cause irritation in the sinus which causes cough. Control the presence of any possible allergen and try to develop healthy surroundings and avoid bad activities like smoking.


  • Cleanliness is much important to stay all time healthy.
  • Keep your indoor environment clean and clear.
  • Place Eco-friendly plans inside the home.
  • Wash the washrooms with anti-germs and sanitizers,
  • Wash your hands before start work in the chicken and wash it again when you are done.
  • Wash it before and after using toilets & also, don’t touch the surfaces in public place.


Cough will go away after few days, while some types may last for long time as some weeks like cough after cold. People manage it with many homemade remedies and taking medicines. Best solution would be seeing a doctor in closes urgent care like MI Express Care Urgent Care Canton MI so that experienced doctor prescribe you the best treatment according to your symptoms and your situation.

Ways to avoid colds and flu this winter

How to avoid cold and flu. A million-dollars question which everyone tries to answer by keeping their selves out of the reach of cold and flu, but majority of us fails every year. If you get sick with cold or flu, you can easily visit MI Express Closest Urgent Care. The reason is not everyone is fully aware of all the precautions, necessary to avoid cold and flu, but some tips may help.


Keep your body warm and under gentle temperature, as it will help a lot to avoid cold and flu. Specialists recommend avoiding sudden change in body temperature by going out in normal indoor dressings. Low temperature and cold weather cause shivering, which weaken the immune and make the body vulnerable for diseases. Around 30% of heat is go through the head, so wearing hat is healthy option.

Washing Hands.

When someone sneeze of cough, germs scattered in the air and transmit through Aerosol. Also, people get germs from physical contact like hands shaking, kiss or touching vulnerable organs like mouth, nose or eyes. These organs have many defense layers like hair and mucus, but cold and flu germs go through these layers. Washing hands regularly will minimize the risk to lower level. Wash your hands after using washrooms, before and after cooking something in kitchen and after coming from outside.

Closes Contact.

Avoid very close contact like hugging, kissing or sleeping near affected person, as it will make the germs transmission much easier to reach more people. Congested stores, packed public transport with little or no ventilation, parties and other huge crowded gatherings and inner heating systems in collaboration, act as facilitators in spreading cold and flu. Avoid the company of sick people.

Indoor Cleanliness.

Indoor cleanliness is the most important factor in avoiding flu, cold and allergies. Dust is one of the most active allergens for majority of people across the globe. Look after your environment, surroundings and house cleanliness, use sanitizer and other cleaning products to keep for in house cleaning. Keep your lifestyle healthy and active, get healthy diets, avoid using alcohol and cigarettes. You may like to know about Top Rated Urgent Care in Canton MI


Diet is primary key of good health. Eat green leafy vegetables, fiber enriched fruits are the great source of building good immune system. Keep the bowel filled with different fruits on easily accessible place so that all family member can eat easily. You can also use few other things like garlic, mineral zinc, vitamin c, eggs, fish and other sea foods. Drink plenty of water and other liquids (soup & green tea) on daily basis to keep the body hydrated. Fluids speed up flushing out the infection.

Flu Shot.

Go for your seasonal Flu Shot, it will minimize the risks of getting flu from 40% – 60%. Also, flu shot is like a shield against flu. Says CDC. They highly recommend to have flu shot at least two weeks before season start. walk in clinic

Understanding Sore Throat: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Winter is all over there, so are the winter diseases. Sore throat is one of most happening disease of winter.  Cold or flu virus is likely the reason of it. Virus cause infection, pain, irritate scratches in the throat which increase when you swallow or eat something. Virus infection heal within few days. Bacteria causes Streptococcal infection which is not very common type of this disease which should treated with antibiotics. Along with it, there are other less common but severe types of sore throat which need treatments of high-class antibiotics. Test is done through throat swab, in which doctor get the sample of

Causes of Sore Throat.

  • Viruses like cold, influenza causes sore throat.
  • Measles
  • Croup may be the reason for children sore throats.
  • Some not very common sore throat are caused by bacteria.
  • Cold or cough may also get you sore throat.
  • Different Allergies like pet, dust, mold & other allergies may also cause sore throat.
  • Dry air inside the houses when start heating it in the winter which make the throat vulnerable.
  • Air pollution can also cause sore throat.
  • Different types of tumors like tongue, throat or voice box may also be causes of sore throat.
  • Very less common reason for sore throat may be infection in Abscess.

Symptoms of Sore Throat.

  • Infection causes throat pain and scratching sensations.
  • Feeling Pain & difficulties while swallowing, eating or talking.
  • Causes soreness in jaw or neck glands.
  • Red tonsils
  • Some types also cause severe temperature.
  • Red swollen tonsils
  • Scratched or muffled voice.   urgent care

Some less common but severe infection cause cough, chest infection, sneezing, runny or stuffy nose, headache with pains in the body vomiting or nausea, earache etc.

How to prevent it.

Washing hands regularly before and after using kitchen, right after using toilets, before and after eating, after cough or sneezing, after travelling in public transport.

  • Avoid touching seats, handles or doors while travelling in public transport.
  • Using gloves is also good option to reduce the risk of direct exchange of germs on your hands.
  • Regularly clean your laptop keyboards, cell phones and remotes.
  • Use sanitizer for inside cleanliness of your home
  • Keep the throat wet and moist
  • Avoid people who are already sick & don’t go near your kids & their mommy when you are sick, as mom can easily transfer it to them.
  • Use humidifier inside your home

Majority of people suggest seeing the doctor when the symptom get worse but MI Express Care Urgent Care Canton MI recommend seeing the doctor ASAP to catch and combat the disease right in the start of the symptoms to avoid any worse situation. Honey, green tea, gargling with warm salted water, spraying peppermint oil may also helpful, gargle with baking soda, roots or Marshmallow, Licorice are also been used for sore throats.

Doctors will examine the throat and prescribe you with antibiotics for sever bacterial infections. Viral infections usually take five to seven days treatment. The most optimal solution is to visit nearest urgent care near your area. Doctor will prescribe medicines accordingly.

4 of the best exercises you can ever do

Exercise is like an ignition for human body, it not only keeps the body active and healthy but also strengthen the immune system. Even a short spin of exercise is also helpful to keep the body healthy. Maintaining daily exercise are the need of the day because of the static and busy lifestyle in which majority of people have to sit in front of screens for long hours. Here is a list of few very useful exercises which may help you to build health lifestyle.

Aerobic Exercise.

Aerobic exercise is vital exercise during which heart beat and breathing increased causing the body to burn calories. It gets exercised your lungs and heart and increase the level of health. It increases the level of smooth delivery of blood to muscles and other organs, thus ensure the best possible functionalities of organs. urgent care

It also helps in opening the walls of blood vessels, reduce the fat of the body, lower BP & sugar level, reduce stress and inflammation. Dance, Swimming, jogging, cycle riding is the best example of aerobic exercises.

Strength Training.

With the passage of time body loose the strength and muscles. Strengthening of muscles is done by exercises and training in gyms. Strength exercises not only keep you healthy but also capable and energetic for daily life activities. Start weightlifting from picking low weights and continuously increase the weight with the passage of time. Strength exercise not only keep the body stronger but also lower PB, cholesterol, keep you under controlled weight, increase bone growth and importantly reduce the joint and back pain.


Stretching increase the flexibility in your body. Everyone should follow stretching exercises when muscles are strong and active. With the age body stretching decreases, so need is to get the highest level of stretching in young age with the help of continuous stretching exercises. Daily stretching of body is healthy approach. walk in clinic

In start warming up the muscles with dynamic stretches, stretching legs, arms in repetitive motion. You can go for static stretches while holding a position for one minute, perform by every part respectively. nearest urgent care

Balance Exercise.

Balance exercises are done to improve the balance of the body to decrease the falls. It is useful for people with old ages to improve the system responsible for body balance. There are balanced-focused training classes such as yoga, tai chi etc. It is not bad to start even you have no such problems, but you may need it for future.

Physical therapist can examine your balance ratio and weak points and possibilities of improvements. It is vital when you are afraid or history or possibilities of balance disorders. Keeping chest up and shoulders down, standing up with one leg support for 3 to 5 minutes while breathing comfortably, Yoga sessions etc.

How to Get Rid of Belly Fat

Want to shed your belly fat? Well, everyone has some of fats on their bodies like hips ribs or most dangerous and stubborn one “The Belly Fat”. Belly fat may affect your health more than other fat does. Some fat lay right beneath the skin, some fat is inside the human body like around the lungs, liver, heart and other organs. The deep inside fat is termed as “Visceral” Fat which is much bigger problem for every type of people. Though body need some visceral fat which act as cushion. The excess of this type of Fat causes High BP, Cardiac Diseases, Dementia, colon or breast cancers. You will need MRI or CT Scan to know how much Fat your body have.

Note. Visit MI Express Care Closest Urgent Care in Canton MI for Best urgent Care Services.

Eliminate belly fat with the help of some measures.

  1. Exercise. Exercise is the ultimate solution to eliminate extra fat from the belly. Daily 30 minutes belly exercise will help you to reduce the fat within very short spin of time. Jogging, Brisk walk, stretching exercises, push-ups and pull-ups, belly specific exercises help for sure to get rid of extra fat. Exercises which increase heart beats is another good solution. urgent care
  2. Diet. Unlike exercises, we don’t have specific belly fat removal diets but avoiding high fat diets, red meat, reducing oil usage, sugar usage, carbonated drinks, processed food items etc are the main causes of high belly fat. Soluble fiber is also a good option, as it absorb water and make gel to slow the passage of food in digestive system. Research studies found that help to reduce weight because it causes you feel full which cause you eat less. Applying healthy lines to your diet will not only keep you healthy but reduce the fat level not only from the outside but also reduce the inner fat level. Fruits and vegetables, green leafy, deep colored vegetables and fruits, drinking lot of water with active life style is best possible solution for it.

  1. Sleep. Research study found that people with 7 hours sleep routines gained less visceral fat as compare to people with 5 or excessive sleep of 8 hours or more. Sleep is a single aspect which affect the fat level but it is a part of the whole list of items which causes fat.
  2. Stress. Stress is now common in this busy lifestyle. Important is how you deal it. Spending time with friends, family, exercising and jogging, reading your favorite type of book, sparing time for your hobbies are some healthy solutions to keep the stress away. Avoid deep thinking, think about your positives, don’t always think about Past, Negatives or failures and concentrate on your Present only. Speak to your self in case of any troubled situation. walk in clinic

These 5 Habits May Help You Live 10 Years Longer, Harvard Study Says

According to a Scientist from Harvard University, few habits may increase your life time up to ten years. Ten years is huge time if it is added to anyone’s life just because of small changes to the lifestyle.

Study period is 30 years & found that 82% Americans people with higher level of healthy life have lower risk for heart diseases and 65% lower death risks from cancers as compare to the people with less healthy life. This study is based on analysis of healthy habits impact on the average life line in the US.

America is on 31st in the global life expectancy list in 2015, which indicates that Americans average life is shorter than other most developed countries. The study is about calculating possible increase in average life as a result of healthy lifestyle. canton urgent care canton mi

Researchers from Harvard University spent average 30 years to collect the data from 123 219 men & women. Researcher extracted and concluded these five habits which prolong the life for more than 10 years. These are given as under.

Healthy Diet.

Diet is the main factor of anyone’s health which decide your health standards. Adding fiber enriched fruits and number of vegetables along with deep colored leafy vegetable to the daily diet menu is the easiest way to keep yourself healthy.  Diet which contain natural vitamins, fiber and other nutrients improve the body organs performance. Whole grains, low fat diet is very helpful in getting health back on track.

Don’t Smoke.

Smoking is injurious for health in many ways, it will not only affect your digestive system but also have very bad impact on respiratory system. It damages the inner walls of lungs, cause shortness of breath and is the main cause of lung cancer across the world. So, quit it if you want to live longer life. closest urgent care


30 Minutes daily exercise will keep you healthy and active in the daily life. In fact, exercise act as ignition for organs to work well. Exercise always have the main contributor in healthy lifestyle. Healthy approach is to get start with 10 minutes of walk and increase the duration and level continuously. Due to static and inactive lifestyle people gain weight very easily, so exercise with healthy diet is the easy and timely solution.


Obesity or extra weight keep you lazy and demotivated. Maintaining healthy weight will not only help you to live longer but also improve the life standards. CDC recent reports indicated that almost half of US people want to lose their weights.  So, try to keep your body weight under control.

Eliminate Excessive Use of Alcohol.

Excess of anything is bad, so as the case with alcohol. Try to drink very less alcohol a day with no more than daily single glass of 5oz for female and 2 glasses for male.

Well, this list was based upon the Harvard studies, but MI Express Care Urgent Care Canton MI gonna add few more things which are given as under.

  • Deep enough sleep
  • Lower stress level
  • Eliminate surgery and junk foods from your diet
  • Get socially active
  • Thinking your positives and success