Hearty Marty Harvest Festival

We have an exciting event coming up here at MI Express Care! 
Hearty Marty's Harvest Festival is totally free for you and your children. Bring them over for a fun-filled afternoon of face painting, balloon twisters, popcorn, cotton candy and more!
We will also be offering $10 flu shots.
So come see Hearty Marty, have some fun with us and check out the new MI Express Care on the corner of Michigan and Sheldon, in Canton!

You can let us know that you're coming and invite others on our Facebook Event Page!
October 18th 1PM-4PM!!!

Muslim Community of Western Suburbs 5K Run/Walk

There was a fantastic turnout this weekend in Canton for the Muslim Community of Western Suburbs 5K Run/Walk. We'd like to first give a shout out to Mother Nature for providing the sunshine long enough for the runners/walkers to finish the course without rainfall. And a round of applause to the organizers of the event that did a wonderful job all around from the kids' mini run to the actual 5K itself. Mi Express Care would like to thank the Muslim Community of Western Suburbs for extending an offer for us to be apart of the event. We are greatly appreciative. We look forward to the next event!!


We're OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh boy! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy... The day has come. The time has come. Our doors are officially opening this afternoon to start serving you. We're sooooo excited to see this day come to fruition. Stop in and check us out. You don't need to stub your toe on purpose or anything, just stop by say hello, give us the eye ball test. You won't be disappointed. You will probably leave thinking, "Ya know, I can't wait to be ill, or truly stub my toe so I can come back and get treated here..". It seems crazy, but we worked our tails off to provide Canton with the best.

So on that note, whether it's a physical needed, or you've been overrun by the tiny germ army, or you need injury treatments; we're opening our doors THIS AFTERNOON. See ya soon!!!

Open 7 days a week / 9am - 10pm

He's ALL Heart

The Canton Cup accomplished many things this past weekend... the spirit of competitiveness, cheers heard round the state, families smiling and high-fiving and even the sweet vuvuzela tones filling the air. TTRRRTTTTTTTRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TTRRRTTTTTTTRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


In the midst of all these epic moments, there was one that trumped them all. As the sun's rays cast down from the heavens upon the people of Canton, there was one image that is still talked about today; the appearance of Hearty Marty.

I know, I know, it's hard to believe. One might compare the sighting to Santa Claus placing those presents under your Christmas tree. No matter how you want to describe it, it happened. Talk to those that had the opportunity to share a hand shake, a picture, and even a dance with Hearty Marty.

They will tell you how happiness was spread around that day. Better yet, take a look at the video. You can see with you own eyes that Hearty Marty is all heart.


People of Canton, be on the look out for ‘heroes’ walking amongst you. These individuals have been going above and beyond to help others around our community. They do not wear capes. They do not seek attention. They merely act for the good of humanity. If you know of any particular ‘hero’ please contact MI Express Care immediately.

Lets cut right to the chase here, we’re not going to sugar coat the expenses of healthcare, IT’S EXPENSIVE. With that in mind, we here at MI Express Care would like to reward one of Canton’s everyday heroes with FREE URGENT CARE VISITS at MI Express Care FOR THE REST OF 2015!!

“Did I read that right?”

You bet your bottom you did. Free urgent care visits at MI Express Care for the rest of 2015. Now comes your part… We need you, the great people of Canton, to nominate ONE person you feel should receive this reward. Nominating someone is easy, click on this form:


Tell us the special qualities your nomination has, what they have done, what they are doing in and around the community. Then simply click ‘submit’, sit back, and take pleasure that you could be making a difference in their life as they would in yours. Please don’t forget to click ‘submit’!!! Just as a little insurance for your time and efforts, we will email you back a confirmation saying we received your nomination.

What are you waiting for??? Stop reading this post and go nominate a local hero!!  It’s time to give back to those that give so much to our community. 

Submissions accepted until Thursday May 14th, 2015 at 8:00pm.


"Return to Sender"

Ok, we know they are just information cards and envelopes but take another look at the pic....
You see it?? Right there with every letter, number, image.... Now do you see it? 'Excellence'. They are beautiful. They are detailed. They are obviously looked over with a fine microscope. They are, well, just an example of how we will treat you. I mean come on, if we're willing to take the time and energy into making these designs just think of how we'll service your needs. Mi Express Care is willing to go the extra mile to get you what you need to make you feel better, or prevent injuries, or basic health checks.

A special shout out to Alphagraphics in Canton for the great looking envelopes and Smashbox Designs for our care cards!!


Another Step Forward..

Lets be honest, some people just go to clock in and collect that paycheck. They struggle through their day just watching the clock waiting for that 'end time'. NOT HERE... We've searched the globe far and wide for the right people to make up this family, this team. And finally, after all the hours of following them around in their daily lives to ensure we have THE BEST TEAM possible (a slight exaggeration, but worth the build up) we are united as one to bring you THE BEST CARE possible. WE ARE MI EXPRESS CARE!!

Coming VERY soon to serve the great community of Canton!


*Smiles in the picture are real smiles. Expect to get one every time you come see us to serve you. No actor was hired to 'sell' the photo posted.

Hello Hearty Marty

The great minds at Mi Express Care gathered one evening to have a sit-down to discuss a key member of our team. Someone, or something, that can represent who we are and what we're about here at Mi Express Care. Ideas were thrown out for discussion that included, but not limited to-- a brain, a man/woman flexing with bulging biceps looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Doc McStuffins.. Ok, Doc McStuffins was a great idea, but of course copyright infringements halted that idea.

We needed something original. Something that showed 'strength', 'love, and 'wellness'. Something that we can stand behind with all of our heart... Hmmmmm *Ding*

We would like to introduce you to Hearty Marty. The strong, lovable, and smiling mascot that represents Mi Express Care. Hearty Marty will be hanging around Mi Express Care from time to time. He'll also be at various promotional events. Your part in this is simple. We just ask that you give a friendly wave to Hearty Marty, give'em a hug, or even a super high-five. Hearty Marty will return the gesture and he promises to love you with all of his 'heart'.

Vital Signs are GOOOD!!!!!

Here at Mi Express Care we care about your health and wellness. We have some exciting offers and information to share with you and your employees regarding workers compensation, employee injuries and illness treatment and prevention, and customized plans and protocols to meet the needs of your company. The 'ands' are endless here!!!

MI Express Care understands that your employees are the lifeblood of your business. We can help you reduce the cost of healthcare while maintaining a healthy workforce. "Reduce my cost of healthcare???" You read that right, but wait... there's MORE!!!!

... SHORTER WAIT TIMES, online registration, pre-employment physicals --*cough*, drug screenings, determine whether an employee can perform based on a job’s qualifications, establish a medical baseline for health and wellness programs, and did I mention SHORTER WAIT TIMES?!?! (I think I did, but it's worth a repeat)

I know what you're thinking, that this is a limited time offer. That it's too good to be true. It's not my friend. This is the real deal. To make this even better we've set up a link for you to get started...

Click this link------> http://www.miexpresscare.com/occupational-medicine/

Most injuries and illness can be treated right at MI Express Care!! Whether you stub a toe or catch the flu, we're there for you!


Coming soon for you at Mi Express Care..


Can I See your ID card??

Take a look at these nice lanyards. Our employees will be rockin' these.  You know you want one too. I have some good news for you... These are going to be offered as giveaways during certain promotional activities. So you can represent Mi Express Care where ever you go and know that the good people at Sportswear Specialties Inc has made you a quality item that will forever hold your ID card (or whatever you will place on the lanyard). Stay tuned for further information on how to get one of these lanyards to add to your collection. Onward!!

'I Saw the Sign'

In the words of Tesla, "Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs.." If you have been driving down by our building as of late, you'll appreciate the connection as our beautiful signs have been hoisted up. Just as you may have at some point in your life driven to the ocean, or Grand Canyon, that first glimpse is breath taking. I know what you're thinking, "Really, comparable to the Grand Canyon??" Well, all I can say is they look stunning and it enhances the excitement that we're one step closer to opening the doors and essentially one step closer to helping the great people in our community. So, if you haven't seen our signs, take a moment to dust off that old Ace of Base cd, jump in the car, head down to our Mi Express Care, and start wailing "I Saw the Sign" as you drive by. We're proud of the way they came out, and we want you to be proud as well. Honestly, we all know we just need an excuse to jam that old Ace of Base cd anyway. Here is that excuse. Enjoy.

Lunch & Learn with Canton Twp workers

MI Express Care staff invited Canton township workers Wednesday February 18th, for a Lunch & Learn on Back Pain and Ergonomics.  While enjoying a sandwich lunch from Jimmy Johns, Dr. Jawad Arshad did a 10-minute presentation and followed it up with a Q&A session. 

Special thank you to everyone that made our MI Express Care Lunch & Learn such a success! Our MI Express Care family is truly grateful for the local support and teamwork!

Huge thank you to Barb and Stephanie from Canton Township HR for all your help and hard work! You were absolutely wonderful to work with! We are so thankful to all the Township Employees that attended! We hope you enjoyed the presentation and gained a lot of knowledge about Ergonomics. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to serve you. We greatly value your time.

Thank you to our local Canton Jimmy John's for catering the Lunch and Learn! The food was delicious and delivered right on time!! Great job to General Manager Adam and his Jimmy Johns Staff!

We can’t forget Brad and his staff at Sportswear Specialties, inc. for the awesome MI Express Care merchandise found in all gift bags provided to the township employees! We love our new MI Express merchandise!


We love our sharp new MI Express Care Logo Scarves and Ties, Monica!! They looked so nice and we received lots of compliments! Thank you Beauty. Balance. Design.!!

Our party balloon arrangements looked great! Thank you Richard from the local Let's Party Supplies!

Thank you to our newest addition Cara/Hearty Marty for doing such a great job! Your energy and enthusiasm was greatly appreciated! Welcome to our team!

Our MI Express Care family truly appreciates your generosity and warm welcome to the Canton community! We hope to have the pleasure of doing business with you for many years to come.

We are Mi Express Care!!

We are so proud and excited to announce the future opening of Mi Express Care to the great community of Canton. It is a privilege to be building, and eventually serving the people of Canton. As the grand opening date approaches (Spring of 2015) we will bring you up-to-date on the current progress we are making as well as various promotional events and employment opportunities.  Follow us on Facebook and give us a 'like'. Drive by our building in Canton to check out the facilities. This blog will seek to provide you with information regarding our services (physicals, illness/injury prevention, wellness plans, and just taking care of your bumps and bruises.) We are here to serve you and all your health needs. So buckle up, this journey begins NOW!!!